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20 Mesh Aluminium Oxide Grit Suppliers Belgium

Coated abrasives are part of abrasives and abrasives(white corundum), and are gradually developed and strengthened to meet the development of modern industry. This is probably the earliest coated abrasive in the world! Until the 16th century, European talents began to use Natural abrasives adhere to the abrasive tools on animal skins(brown fused alumina 60 grit). Otherwise, friction will only occur and the workpiece temperature will rise.

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In 1808, some people in Europe first mixed the pumice granules that were smashed and pulverized with vanillin water and painted them on paper to make the first batch of modern sandpaper, a dry sandpaper(glass beads manufacturers). By 1831, the British Lothrop invented corundum abrasive cloth(brown fused alumina factory). For the first time, leather glue was used as a binder to coat abrasive tools, and natural corundum, river sand, and glass sand were used as abrasives.

To this day, leather glue, glass sand and natural corundum still occupy a certain position in the coated abrasive industry(garnet abrasive price). Thus, the production of coated abrasives has entered a new stage. Later, in 1874, the United States established the largest mechanized sandpaper production plant at the time(white fused alumina oxide mfg). As early as the 13th century, our ancestors used natural resin to adhere crushed shell powder to lambskin and grind things. 

The French patent for the first time in 1844 reported the machine for making corundum abrasive cloth(glass bead abrasive). Since then, the production of coated abrasives has entered the ranks of mechanized production. Britain, France, the United States, Germany and other countries have successively established their own abrasive cloth and sandpaper production plants(buy brown fused alumina). In 1870, a preliminary mechanized sandpaper production line was completed in Germany.

With the rapid development of sandpaper and abrasive cloth production(white fused alumina), the German Hoffman Schwabe established a machinery manufacturing company in 1896, which specialized in designing and producing abrasive cloth, abrasive paper, and produced the first set of hanging dry abrasive cloth in 1904(brown fused aluminum oxide factory). Sandpaper production line equipment. China's coated abrasives industry had not been developed before liberation.

Coated abrasives have the longest history in the development history of the abrasive abrasive industry(steel shot abrasive). New types of binders are also emerging. In the 1930s, water-resistant sandpaper with varnish as the binder was produced. By the 1950s, artificial resin binders such as phenolic resins had been used(white aluminium oxide manufacturer). That is, in 1951, the research on electrostatic sand planting succeeded, pushing the production of coated abrasives to a higher level.

Although China was the first country to use coated abrasives in the world(white aluminum oxide), due to the constraints of feudal society and historical reasons, It was only in 1936 that privately funded in Shanghai opened the first small factory in China to produce wood sandpaper with a hand shaker, printing and papermaking equipment, with an annual output of only 3,000 meters(white aluminum oxide 220 grit). By 1038, the output will increase to 15,000 meters.

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