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20 Mesh Aluminium Oxide Grit Suppliers Malaysia

The sealing device is welded by steel plate(20 mesh aluminium oxide grit). In recent years, spring seals have been widely used for sealing between the two ends of the sintering machine trolley and the bellows. According to different installation methods, there are two types: spring mounted on the bellows and spring mounted on the trolley(brown aluminum oxide 250 grit). The service life of this kind of sealing device can reach more than 2 years, and it should be overhauled every six months. 

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At present, there are two types of seals between the trolley and the head and tail bellows: one is fixed(alumina grit). Replace the damaged movable plate, sealing plate and spring parts, and remove the oil and dust in the sealing device. It is driven by the electric drive of the head. The type Ⅱ box body is bolted on the groove of the trolley, which is convenient for taking out and replacing and inspecting the seal device(brown fused alumina suppliers). It is best to have 3 to 5 springs or more.

There are generally two pin shafts, which are respectively installed in the springs located at both ends(black alumina). The pin shaft has a considerable gap in the hole, which can ensure that the slide plate is tightly pressed onto the sealing plate. The springs are placed in the recesses of the skateboard and are evenly distributed along the length of the skateboard(low density white alumina). There are five springs used on the trolley with a length of lm for the 90m sintering machine.

Both the slide and the sealing plate are made of forged steel(aluminium oxide blasting). It is reported to work well at high temperatures above 200 ° C. This temperature is roughly the temperature at the end of the trolley and the top of the bellows. This material needs to be chemically stable, and polytetrachloroethylene plastics for the sealing plate can meet this requirement(brown fused alumina oxide). The plastic sealing plate can maintain its mechanical properties below 260 ° C. The sealing plate is bolted to the edge of the bellows.

If glass fiber, graphite and other denaturants are added to the resin, it can improve its abrasion resistance and extend the life of the sealing plate(brown fused alumina). During the sintering process, the trolley is charged, ignited, and sintered on the upper track, and the sintered ore is discharged at the tail(wholesale brown fused alumina). In summary, when selecting the material of the abacus, the requirements are: high temperature resistance, abrasion resistance, erosion resistance, large effective ventilation area and long service life.

This kind of sealing device is made of steel plate and section steel(brown aluminum oxide). It is installed outside the bellows, which works reliably but has a poor sealing effect. One type is movable, which makes the cover plate of the sealing device closely contact the trolley body through the action of a spring or a lever(brown fused aluminum oxide suppliers). Therefore, the production quality is good, the operating environment is good, the labor intensity is low, and the heat energy is used well.

The dust inside the box must be cleaned at regular intervals, otherwise the sealing effect will be lost(brown aluminium oxide). The bellows is bolted to the frame of the sintering machine made of profiled steel. Due to the need for manufacturing and installation and thermal expansion, a certain gap is left between the bellows and the bellows(white alumina powder). Seal with paint and asbestos rope. However, due to the high temperature and ventilation, the sealing effect is invalidated, causing harmful leakage.

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