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20 Mesh Aluminium Oxide Grit Wholesale Price Belarus

Due to its strong resistance to erosion by metals and alkaline solutions, it can be used in large quantities as metallurgical containers(aluminum oxide 30 or 40 grit). High-purity magnesia crucible is suitable for melting pure iron and its alloys, as well as nickel, sodium, hafnium, zinc, tin, aluminum, copper, diamonds and their alloys(brown aluminum oxide factory). Thermocouple protection tubes made with magnesium oxide can be used to measure high temperatures over 2000 ° C.

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ZrO2 has two variants(silicon carbide grit). The transformation between 1000 ° C monoclinic ZrO2 → tetragonal ZrO2 monoclinic ZrO2 and tetragonal ZrO2 is a reversible and rapid transformation. During the cooling process, the transformation is accompanied by 7% volume expansion, which easily causes the product to crack(aluminum oxide 180 grit blast media). ZrO2 products can be used as high temperature furnace lining. Magnesium oxide products can also be used as high-temperature furnaces.

It can also be used to hold molten alumina and aluminum salts(green silicon carbide powder). Adding some oxides close to the structure of ZrO2 (same crystal system and similar ionic radius) to the oxidation fault, such as CaO, Mg, YO, Nb2O3, CeO, etc., can stabilize ZrO2 and form cubic crystals with ZrO2 It is a solid solution to stabilize ZrO2(carborundum abrasives). It is generally considered that it is better to add CaO and MgO as stabilizers, and CaO is the most effective, followed by MgO.

For this reason, although the ZrO-Ca series cubic solid solution is relatively stable, it will also partially decompose when it is heated for a long time, which makes Zr02 lose its stabilization effect(black silicon carbide powder). Compared with other ZrO2 solid solutions, the main advantage of ZrO2-Y2O3 solid solution is that it does not decompose under long-term heating at 1100 ~ 1400 ℃(silicon carbide abrasive grit), but this kind of oxide is scarce and expensive, and it can only be used in some special requirements.

Below 1000 ° C is monoclinic ZrO2 (specific gravity is 5.68), and at 1000 ° C, denser tetragonal ZrO2 (specific gravity is 6.10) is generated(brown fused alumina). In order to prevent this kind of transformation, a stabilizer must be added to stabilize ZrO2. People have researched a variety of composite stabilizers, such as ZrO2-MgO and ZrOCaO solid solution, adding 1% to 2% Y2O3 can significantly improve its thermal expansion resistance(120 grit aluminum oxide blasting media). 

Therefore, to produce ZrO2 products with excellent performance, it is also important to use high-purity raw materials(brown aluminum oxide). When using the grouting method, the ball abrasive must be treated with hydrochloric acid and then washed with distilled water(carborundum grit). The stable agglomerates are crushed and wet-pulverized to the required fineness according to the required properties of the product, and has high mechanical strength and low linear expansion coefficient.

Adding 3% ~ 5% Y2O3 can make the solid solution not decompose completely(brown aluminium oxide). The content of impurities in osmium raw materials has a great impact on the stability of ZrO2 and the fouling of molten metal. The crushing of the raw materials is to wet pulverize the ZrO2 raw material and the stabilizer in a certain ratio in a rubber village and a ball mill of a metal drill ball (or a ball made of stable sintered ZrO2) to less than 2um(aluminum oxide blasting media).

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