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20 Mesh Aluminium Oxide Grit Wholesale Suppliers China

Clay bricks for blast furnace are made of refractory clay and used to build lining of blast furnace(white aluminium oxide super fine). The test results show that the softening temperature of the load increases with the increase of Al2O3 content. The quantity and properties of the liquid phase have a significant effect on the softening temperature of the load(120 grit aluminum oxide blasting media). 

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This is the crux that obviously affects the softening temperature of the load and the improvement of creep at high temperature(white corundum). The thermal shock resistance of high aluminum products is worse than that of clay bricks, which is closely related to the mineral composition in the products(carborundum abrasives). In recent years, its high temperature creep has also been measured to reflect its high temperature structural strength.

China Standards (YB / T5050-1993) divides clay bricks for blast furnaces into ZGN-42 and GN-42 grades based on physical and chemical indicators(aluminum oxide 30 or 40 grit). High alumina refractory materials are aluminum silicate refractory materials with A12O3 content of more than 48%(aluminum oxide blasting media). Usually divided into three categories: the first class Al2O3 content is greater than 75%; the first class Al2O3 content is 60% to 75%; the second class Al2O3 content is 48% to 60%.

Rhenium can also be classified according to its mineral composition, and generally can be divided into five categories: low mullite (siliceous), mullite, mullite-corundum, corundum-mullite and corundum(silicon carbide grit). One of the important working properties of high-aluminum refractory products is the structural strength at high temperature(black silicon carbide manufacturers). This characteristic is usually evaluated by the softening deformation temperature under load.

Only when the product transitions to almost completely composed of corundum(white fused alumina), that is, the Al2O3 content of the product reaches more than 95%, the high-temperature structural strength can be significantly improved. For products with Al2O3 content below 70%, the softening temperature under load depends on the quantity ratio between the mullite crystal phase and the liquid phase, which increases with the increase of the amount of mullite(aluminum oxide 180 grit blast media).

Clay brick for blast furnace has better performance than ordinary clay brick(green silicon carbide powder). 1 high alumina bricks are worse than high alumina bricks. For mullite-corundum products with Al2O3 content of 70% ~ 90%, the Al2O3 content increases and the softening temperature of the load does not increase significantly(carborundum grit). Due to the large increase of TiO2 and FeO components in the glass phase, the number of glass phases increases and the viscosity decreases. 

This is due to the partial softening of mullite crystals at high temperatures and a slight increase in the amount of flux impurities that interact with mullite crystals(white aluminum oxide), especially the TiO2 and Fe2O3 components increase slightly with the increase of the Al2O3 content in the raw material, which changes the high temperature The number and nature of the liquid phases(silicon carbide abrasive grit). It is mainly caused by the constant sinking of aggregate particles.

Therefore, reducing the impurity content in the raw material is conducive to improving the softening temperature of the load and the high temperature creep property(black silicon carbide powder). In production, the heat resistance of the product is often improved by improving the particle structure characteristics of the product or adding a certain amount of synthetic Dong Qingshi (2MgO · 2Al2O3 · 5SiO2) and other minerals to the ingredients(brown aluminum oxide factory).

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