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220 Grit Aluminum Oxide Blast Media China

China's national standard GB / T2492-2003 stipulates that ceramic and resin bond ordinary white fused alumina grinding wheels with an outer diameter of 150mm and larger. All need to go through static imbalance inspection. The aluminum oxide abrasive media grinding wheel inspection mass range is 0.2 ~ 300kg. International standards stipulate that those with an outside diameter of 100mm or more require static imbalance inspection.

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However, for cylindrical and cylindrical grooved wheels, grinding wheels synthetic corundum price, grinding bricks, cups, bowls, cut ore, holes and grooves, screw tightening, and centerless wheels, etc. The static imbalance inspection equipment used at home and abroad includes shaft roller balancer, electronic balancer, disc balancer, mechanical balance balancer. The alumina abrasive main part of the double-shaft roller balancer is two steel shafts with the same cylindrical diameter.

(220 grit aluminum oxide blast media china)The alumina grit surface is smooth and the surface roughness is ≤Ra0.2um (microscopic imbalance HCR = 0.2 ~ 0.4μm). The root steel shafts should be horizontal and parallel to each other. Check the balance machine and correct the level of the balance machine itself. The balance shaft penetrates into the hole of the grinding wheel, so that the center of the white alumina powder grinding wheel and the center line of the balance shaft coincide as much as possible.

Its hardness should not be lower than HRC50. For white aluminum oxide grinding wheels with a diameter of 500mm and larger, the imbalance position should be marked with an arrow. The arrow mark should be a light point. The actual imbalance value should be compared with the imbalance value allowed by the standard to judge the quality of the 220 grit aluminum oxide grinding wheel. Grinding wheels within the standard allowable unbalance value are qualified products and stored separately.

(220 grit aluminum oxide blast media china)Place the black aluminum oxide media grinding wheel with balance shaft symmetrically between the steel shafts of the balancer, and make the centerline of the balance shaft perpendicular to the horizontal steel shaft. Slowly rotate the grinding wheel. When stopping, install a clip on the top of the wheel (that is, the light spot) to compensate for the unbalanced weight. The depth of the clip should be greater than 50% ~ 65% of the length of the 60 grit aluminum oxide clip.

Turn the wheel to pass The wheel is stationary or continues to rotate to determine whether the wheel is balanced and determine the aluminum oxide 220 grit abrasive size of the balance value. The unqualified ones shall be dealt with separately and re-inspected. There is a balance disc mounted on the universal bracket in the body. The balance disc can be tilted in any direction, like a "universal balance". The grinding wheel is placed on the 180 grit aluminum oxide blasting media balance disc.(220 grit aluminum oxide blast media china)

The balance disc will be unbalanced during the white corundum measurement. Tilt, measured by 4 non-contact sensors at this time, processed by electronic technology, can directly reflect the imbalance value and orientation from the instrument. The binding agent for bituminous earth abrasive is composed of bituminous earth (MgO) and magnesium chloride (MgCl2 · 6H2O) aqueous solution, and 150 grit aluminum oxide high heat of grinding; are not checked for balance.

(220 grit aluminum oxide blast media china)Due to the above characteristics, bituminous earth aluminum oxide 40 grit are better than other abrasives in the processing of some materials. Particularly suitable for grinding cutting tools such as shaving blades, scissors, paper knives: high carbon steel, stainless steel and other materials with high hardness, high toughness, non-metal materials such as 100 grit aluminum oxide blast media stone, glass, ceramic, etc. can also be used for rice and rice Shelling of sorghum etc.

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