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In order to obtain good quality silica sol shell(emery abrasive), besides controlling the lower humidity (40% ~ 60%), it is very important to strictly control the drying and hardening process parameters of silica sol coating, such as the drying of silica sol drilling powder surface layer: first, the room temperature is controlled at 23 ~ 25 ℃(glass bead blasting media suppliers), because the coating of the surface layer is thin.

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After the back layer is immersed in the coating and sanding(synthetic corundum), the moisture and liquid binder in the back coating will penetrate to the upper layer which has been fully dried. Since the silica sol shell is dried layer by layer, the moisture and water-based liquid binder in the coating can penetrate upward for more than three layers(garnet abrasive), so it takes a long time for the back layer to make the shell fully formed Dehydration and drying.(220 grit aluminum oxide blast media factory uae)

In order to improve the drying speed of the back layer(silicon carbide abrasive), the measures to strengthen the air flow in the workshop (blowing wind speed) are generally adopted It can reach 6 ~ 8m / s to accelerate the drying of the back layer.  Therefore, the relative humidity of the surface should be controlled at a slightly higher value (60%~70%)(180 grit aluminum oxide). The drying and hardening of silica sol shell is an important process in the shell making process. 

(220 grit aluminum oxide blast media factory uae)If the drying speed is too fast, the adhesive adhesive will change rapidly to gel gel, resulting in cracks on the surface coating(green silicon carbide), so the drying speed of the surface layer should not be too fast. If vacuum drying is adopted, the drying speed of the shell can be obviously improved(garnet suppliers), but it is limited to the current production conditions. Boiling method or floating sand method is also a widely used sand spreading method.

At this time, the dehydration of mold shell mainly depends on the diffusion and capillary action of water in the shell and moves to the shell surface(black silicon carbide). There are many factors affecting the shell drying, such as relative humidity, ambient temperature, air flow rate, drying time, drying equipment, etc(pink alumina). The humidity control range of the second layer or transition layer is the same as that of the surface layer, it is easy to dry.(220 grit aluminum oxide blast media factory uae)

The drying process of silica sol shell is essentially the evaporation process of water in the silica sol(aluminum oxide abrasive). Moreover, forced ventilation can not be used; causing rapid gel shrinkage, The drying condition of the back layer is quite different from that of the surface layer. The silica sol shell must be fully dried and fully gelled before the shell has good comprehensive performance(30 grit aluminum oxide). It has not been used in mass production.

(220 grit aluminum oxide blast media factory uae)With the drying going on(aluminum oxide grit), the water film on the surface of the powder particles disappears, which makes the refractory particles close to each other and forms a colloidal bonding film on the contact surface between the particles, which slows down the drying speed(steel grid). The production practice shows that the main factor affecting the drying of silica sol shell is the relative humidity The second is air velocity and temperature.

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