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220 Grit Aluminum Oxide Blast Media Manufacturers Canada

Oven 6h, and feed 6t successively. Adopt the operation method of frequent feeding and less feeding. When the brown fused aluminium oxide furnace has a large reaction, the movable electrode can be deflated and the power can be cut off for a short time. The fused wholesale brown fused alumina melt in the upper part of the oven and the ferrosilicon melt in the lower part must be strictly separated and not mixed. 

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Second control: about 3h, starting from 18h to further expand the melting area and increase the white fused alumina price melt temperature to promote the separation of ferrosilicon sinking. Before the end of the control, check the quality of the electric melting material by the stick method, and add the material after adjustment. Open arc operation 20min before stopping the furnace. Reduce the current after passing the white aluminum oxide abrasive stick inspection and raise the electrode after power failure.

(220 grit aluminum oxide blast media manufacturers canada)Once sticking stick: Carbon iron can be slightly higher to ensure the bottom of the white aluminum oxide furnace is complete and prevent leakage. Secondary stick: Requires compliance with standards. Criteria for sticks when the furnace is stopped: it is off-white, slightly yellow, the white fused aluminium oxide surface has the same gloss, with a small amount of yellow particles, good crystallization, obvious carbon lines, and good cracking. Use submerged arc operation, pay attention to deflate frequently. 

The brown fused aluminum oxide suppliers pouring method, the operation method in the early stage is the same as above, and it will be charged when the furnace condition is stable and there is a certain melt. Before each feeding, the material must be channeled, and the thickness of the material layer is 200-300mm, keeping the periphery high and low. Control the reaction in the brown aluminum oxide 250 grit furnace during the electric melting operation, and handle the sintered block in time to ensure consistent cutting.

(220 grit aluminum oxide blast media manufacturers canada)Selection criteria for fused white fused alumina: first grade: yellow skin less than 2mm, ferrosilicon less than 15%, black corundum less than 10%; second grade: insufficient reduction with traces of waste material; mixed grade: iron alloy 15% to 40%; Scrap: not more than 250mm; ferrosilicon: off-white, golden yellow; scrap: ferrous alloy sintered scrap greater than 40%. Fuse sub-white corundum was developed on the basis of fused brown fused alumina suppliers

Check the melt standard by dipping stick before pouring the 100 grit aluminum oxide white furnace (the dipping stick is yellower than the frit method and the grains are slightly smaller). After adjusting the ingredients, the block is gray-white after electrofusion, so it is called electrofusion sub-white corundum. Sub-white corundum has better chemical composition and physical properties than fused brown corundum, and has gradually replaced brown fused alumina 60 grit in the refractory industry.(220 grit aluminum oxide blast media manufacturers canada)

Oven, add alumina powder to cover the melt, and feed after stabilization. Sticking stick standard: The calculation of the ingredients for the production of fused white corundum is shown in the following formula: The amount of iron scales should be adjusted according to the size of D. The value of D in the early stage is better, and the value of medium term is higher.  The main crystal phase of fused aluminium oxide grit suppliers is α-corundum, and the secondary crystal phase is oblique zircon.

(220 grit aluminum oxide blast media manufacturers canada)The furnace is stopped, and the smelting starts after 1h, and the thickness of the upper layer is reduced. After the top brown fused alumina oxide material is completely melted (soft cover), the melt in the furnace can be poured. After mixed electrofusion, it becomes red or purple-red chrome corundum. That is to say, add 10% -40% of first-grade industrial zirconia to the ingredients, and it will become yellow-white or light yellow zirconium corundum frit after electrofusion.

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