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220 Grit Aluminum Oxide Blast Media Suppliers Portugal

In high-speed grinding wheel, in addition to the brown fused alumina reinforcement measures, high-strength binders must be used. These binders have high tensile strength, high modulus of elasticity, high toughness. The fluidity, reaction ability, expansion coefficient of the binders must be compatible with the abrasive used, so as to ensure a firm bond between the synthetic corundum abrasive particles and the binders.

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The obvious defects such as microcracks and brown aluminum oxide micro pores of the binders must Must be reduced to a minimum, especially for grinding wheels over 80, 1 using raw materials (including Abrasives). Of course, different abrasives can fully adapt to the characteristics of different abrasives only by using different binders. The grinding type represented by tool grinding is particularly sensitive to the burn of workpiece, emery abrasive which requires the grinding wheel to have good self sharpening, larger porosity and looser structure.

(220 grit aluminum oxide blast media suppliers portugal)The above are several typical grinding requirements. For this kind of grinding wheel silicon carbide price, some factories use a special bond, which is brittle, and usually more materials can be added to improve the brittleness. On the premise of ensuring the strength, it is advisable to have appropriate micro defects in the bond bridge. Try to reduce the quality of impurities. If some types of abrasives (such as brown corundum) can be calcined or surface treated, the effect will be better.

In use, it is required to have better durability and formability of grinding tools; some green carborundum factories use combination swords with larger toughness, but generally less special binders are set, and the hardness of the organization number on the formula is adjusted properly to meet the grinding requirements. With the increase of 1-1 of the ground materials and the development of pue cutting technology, the requirements for the performance of alumina abrasive tools will be higher and higher.(220 grit aluminum oxide blast media suppliers portugal)

There are too many examples, arc fused alumina which are not listed here. The coarse-grained soft sand cone (grain size 30 × and coarser, hardness L and softer) is mainly used for rough grinding operation and burring operation, especially for the large amount of metal grinding, and this kind of grinding wheel is mostly common corundum. Because the porosity is larger, the structure is looser, and the distance between grains is smaller In general, 100 grit aluminum oxide white bond with better strength and self sharpening is still used

(220 grit aluminum oxide blast media suppliers portugal)Therefore, generally speaking, silicon carbide companies grinding wheel. I need to develop special bond and special formula. Therefore, even with the normal speed (35ms), the grinding wheel is easy to break. Therefore, a high-strength bond is required. The normal speed abrasive tools with medium grain size and medium hardness are generally not a problem in terms of strength and technology. The 46 grit aluminum oxide grinding wheel in this range is generally used for grinding machine, so the main consideration in selecting the bond is the lung cutting performance.

Medium size soft grinding wheel (hardness I and softer), the porosity of this kind of fused alumina grinding wheel is better than owl self sharpening, and the pore forming agent is often added to make the grinding wheel. The strength requirement of this kind of grinding wheel is not high (mostly the conventional speed or lower), and because the packing density of this kind of aluminum oxide blast media 60 grit grinding wheel is small, the centrifugal force in use is smaller than that of the general grinding wheel, even so.(220 grit aluminum oxide blast media suppliers portugal)

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