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220 Grit Aluminum Oxide Blast Media USA

Talc is a natural hydrous magnesium silicate mineral. Its chemical formula is 3MgO · 45iO2 · H2O. It has a fat luster, and it feels creamy on the touch. Colors are white, light yellow, light green, and off-white. Small hardness, aluminium oxide blasting density 2.7 ~ 2.8g / cm. For artificial corundum, the role of talc: adding talc to the binder can reduce the refractory degree, promote the increase of glass phase content in the binder, and improve the strength of the abrasive.

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Magnesium silicate in talc reacts with white corundum in clay to form gangue (2MgO · 2Al2) · 5Si02. Due to the low expansion coefficient of cyanite (2 ~ 3) × 10 / ℃, the binder with large talc content has good thermal stability of the abrasive. The liquid phase of talc appears at 1000 ℃, and then it melts completely at 1557 ℃, so talc can increase the high temperature viscosity of the binder. The sintering range of talc is narrow (10 ~ 20 ℃), so pay attention to the aluminum oxide blasting abrasive firing.

(220 grit aluminum oxide blast media usa)Because the foundry sand is easily soluble in water, it loses crystal water when it is heated and volatilized, and it is not easy to mix with other black alumina materials. When used in silicon carbide abrasive: Absorb iron oxide particles in the silicon carbide crystal lattice. Increase the glass range of the binder and reduce shrinkage of the binder. In addition to boron glass, synthetic corundum price borosilicate glass, boro lead glass, boric acid glass, and needle glass are used at home and abroad.

As a result, a pale green forsterite is produced to prevent the white fused alumina tool from redness. Talc easily promotes the decomposition of silicon carbide and produces "black heart" waste products, the amount of which should be limited to less than 5%. Sand turning is a natural aluminum oxide abrasive blasting grit mineral that is sodium turning around (Na2O · 2B2O3 · 10H2O or written as NaBO · 10H20). The theoretical chemical composition is NaO16.2%, BO36.6%, H2O47.2%.(220 grit aluminum oxide blast media usa)

In the manufacture of fused aluminum oxide tools, it is usually smelted with feldspar powder to be used as boron glass. The introduction of boron glass in the bonding agent can greatly improve the reaction ability of the bonding agent and corundum abrasive particles, and generate high-strength borosilicate glass, thereby improving the mechanical strength of the abrasive tool. Flip glass is widely used in high-speed black aluminum oxide media grinding wheels and coarse-grained (F30 to coarse) grinding wheels.

(220 grit aluminum oxide blast media usa)The color is yellow, light yellow, brownish yellow, transparent or translucent. Fire resistance is 640 ~ 690 ℃. The white aluminum oxide main chemical components are SiO2 and BOa. The role in the bonding agent is: the boron glass has a melting effect, reduces the fire resistance of the bonding agent, promotes the formation of a glass body, increases the fluidity and wettability of the bonding agent, and makes the bonding agent evenly distributed around the aluminum oxide 220 grit abrasive particles.

Improved the strength of the abrasive. The boron-containing binder has a large reaction ability, aluminium oxide blasting grit which can dissolve more Al2O3 into the binder on the surface of the masonry (generally, the binder containing boron glass can dissolve Al2O3 on the corundum surface by more than 30%, while the alkaline binder only has 8% ~ 9%), which makes the thermal expansion coefficients of the two tend to be the same, and improves the alumina grit strength and bonding strength of the binder itself.(220 grit aluminum oxide blast media usa)

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