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220 Grit Aluminum Oxide Manufacturers Japan

Special-shaped grinding wheel, the aluminium oxide 36 grit material surface is scraped into the corresponding shape. The final pressure should be maintained for 20 ~ 30s to eliminate the gas in the body and reduce the layer waste. After pressing, the mold is removed, and the blank is taken out and dried on a drying rack; aluminum oxide sandblasting media stop the movement of the cylinder; cracks and layer formation; large wet billet retention, sand loss, sticky board, etc. 

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The ceramic wet mold forming wet billet should guarantee its finished fused aluminium oxide product in size, structure, hardness, uniformity, poor hardness, strength and other performance requirements. In addition, the abrasive, grain size and shape used in the green body shall comply with the provisions on the process ticket. The aluminium oxide abrasive grit main types of waste after pressing are: the size (or density) of the green body does not meet the requirements; the uneven molding density.(220 grit aluminum oxide manufacturers japan)

Water casting molding is mainly used for the molding of precision black aluminum oxide 70 grit abrasive media tools finer than F150 (such as thread grinding wheels, ultra-finished grinding stones). The obtained abrasive tools have uniform structure and density. Water casting molding has simple equipment and tools, and investment Less advantages. But there are many disadvantages to water casting, such as long aluminum oxide for sand blaster production cycle, low efficiency, and difficult to control the organization number.

(220 grit aluminum oxide manufacturers japan)The main equipment of the bell-shaped mixer for pouring the slurry is the bell-shaped mixer, white fused alumina whose function is to make the slurry mix uniformly and eliminate the air bubbles in the slurry. In order to prevent the slurry from pouring out, the cylinder body is a truncated cone with a large bottom and a small cylinder mouth. The cylinder can not only rotate around its own axis, but also adjust the tilt angle of the high purity fused aluminum oxide cylinder according to the mixing situation.

Firstly, the black aluminum oxide blast media raw materials constituting the water casting molding are soaked into a uniform slurry and sieved. After pouring the soaked binding agent and starch solution into the mixing tank, start the mixer and add the abrasive. Due to the centrifugal force generated by the rotation of the mixing cylinder and the weight of the abrasive, the particles penetrate each other to make the aluminium oxide sandblasting material evenly distributed, exclude gas, and add water to adjust the consistency of the slurry.

(220 grit aluminum oxide manufacturers japan)The key to mixing is to eliminate air bubbles. Adjust the angle of the white aluminum oxide material tank, the inclination angle is generally 35 ° ~ 45 °. The measures to eliminate air bubbles can be summarized as follows: Adjust the amount of water added. Because the friction coefficient is related to the consistency of the pink aluminium oxide slurry, uneven hardness of the upper and lower grinding wheels, adjusting the amount of water added is effective to eliminate small air bubbles.

Allow the slurry to settle statically and remove the clear water on the corundum sand surface of the slurry to compact the slurry; add a little ammonia and so on. In addition to the above measures, in order to speed up the mixing process and quickly eliminate air bubbles in the slurry, a vacuum bubble extraction device can also be used. Using a round spoon, gently put it into the slurry, dip it in a thin layer of slurry, and observe the black synthetic corundum material layer on the spoon for air bubbles.(220 grit aluminum oxide manufacturers japan)

If no air bubbles are found or there are few air bubbles, it indicates that the white corundum material is well mixed. If the top and bottom colors of the slurry are the same, it means that the material has been mixed uniformly. Common water casting molding wastes include bubbles when the casting body is left standing, the body forming defects and scraps, internal hole cracks, pit waste products, uneven color, and cracking of black aluminum oxide abrasive 70 grit fine-grained abrasive tools.

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