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220 Grit Aluminum Oxide Suppliers In China

The so-called spray furnace means that the gas in the furnace is concentrated and strong from a breach, and the brown fused alumina big nozzle can make a loud sound and the flame is white. Blast furnace has influence on smelting, so it should be treated in time. The spout can be blocked with block charge such as silicon carbide block (yellow block) and then white fused alumina suppliers pressed with wet charge. The large blast furnace shall be cut off.

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Therefore, measures should be taken when it is found that the brown aluminum oxide furnace wall inclines outward. The main reasons for furnace spraying are: excessive silicon in furnace charge; too fine grain of silica sand or coke, even if the amount of wood chips is increased, the furnace will spray; the thickness proportion of the upper part of the furnace and other parts of the black fused alumina raw materials is not appropriate, which is too thin; the salt content of the furnace charge is high.

(220 grit aluminum oxide suppliers in china)The unit length power of the furnace is too high; the upper part of the furnace core is filled with more new white corundum materials or fully loaded with new materials; the silicon carbide fine powder (dust collection sand, etc.) with more people in the furnace charge; new materials The amount of French sawdust added is too small. The pink alumina solution is usually to fasten the clamp bolt and increase the pressure to increase the contact point between the copper plate and the electrode. 

Measures to prevent ignition: clean the salt of heat preservation materials and silicon carbide abrasive reaction materials as little as possible, and keep the two corners of the furnace wall free of too much salt to clean the melting residue of the furnace wall. This phenomenon occurs at the contact between the electrode at the outer end of the black aluminium oxide furnace wall and the electric copper (aluminum) plate, or the part near the end wall, or the electrode inside the end wall.(220 grit aluminum oxide suppliers in china)

They should be replaced with new ones after green silicon carbide power failure. At the beginning of power transmission, an open fire is put on the surface of the furnace to ignite carbon monoxide, sometimes the key points can only be burned several times. The reason is the poor contact between the copper plate and the electrode. The electrode reddening near the end wall is mainly due to the air permeability of the end wall, and the brown fused aluminium oxide electrode contacts with the air at high temperature for oxidation.

(220 grit aluminum oxide suppliers in china)The prevention method is that the black silicon carbide furnace end wall should be built tightly, a protective layer should be added around the electrode, and the contact copper (aluminum) plate should be melted. Most of them are aluminum plates. When the power drops, the working voltage should be increased to make the power close to the specified value as much as possible. When white fused alumina price there are many pressing materials, the furnace wall built with refractory bricks sometimes collapses due to the external pressure.

The gap between the furnace bed or furnace wall is too large or there are holes. The brown fused alumina manufacturer method is to stack the materials under the furnace bed with leakage, and the leakage of the side wall can be blocked by refractory bricks and other materials. Furnace wall ignition is common at two bottom corners, which is caused by conductivity. Burst out while burning. After the furnace is connected with the 220 grit aluminum oxide blast media transformer, the power can be transmitted.(220 grit aluminum oxide suppliers in china)

Electrical instruments mainly include primary and secondary voltage, ammeter, power meter, watt hour meter, power factor meter, transformer temperature meter, etc. white fused alumina manufacturer at the beginning of power transmission, record the readings of each instrument as soon as the pointer of the instrument is stable, and then record once at the whole point. In the process of power transmission, when the specified power is reached, the black aluminum oxide media working voltage of the first level is adjusted down.

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