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240 Grit Aluminum Oxide Manufacturers In China

If there is no control period and the feeding is continued according to the arc fused alumina feeding speed, the molten liquid will only be concentrated in a small range under the electrode, the melting area will not be expanded, and the melting of the furnace charge at the bottom of the circuit is not good. In order to put an end to this white fused alumina suppliers phenomenon, a dry furnace body should be used. Generally, it can be transmitted twice. 

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During the control period, lower voltage and maximum white fused alumina power are used to maximize the temperature of furnace liquid and make it melt around. When the melting area is expanded to the whole hearth area, the liquid level of molten liquid is like the lid of hearth, which is called "red lid". When the molten furnace liquid level forms a red cap, the control can be ended, the feeding can be carried out, the black fused alumina material surface can be flattened to a dish shape and remelted.(240 grit aluminum oxide manufacturers in china)

In the control process, due to the formation of red cover on the road surface, it is difficult to discharge the gas expanding at the silicon carbide abrasive furnace bottom due to heating, which may cause "shooting", that is, the explosion sound is emitted in the furnace, the aluminum oxide powder bursts and flies, and a small amount of molten liquid splashes out. Shooting often takes place in the later period of control. Although shooting will not damage the pink alumina equipment, it will still hurt the staff.

(240 grit aluminum oxide manufacturers in china)Control is to stop feeding in a certain period of time after centralized feeding, so that the white aluminum oxide furnace charge in the furnace can be melted as much as possible, and the melting area can be expanded, so that the put charge can be converted into products as much as possible. At the same time, keep the black aluminium oxide electrode root running arc light frequently. It is necessary to reduce the current fused alumina gradually, reduce the power gradually and stop the boiler slowly.

In order to make the impurities such as sodium green silicon carbide segregate well in the cooling process, it is necessary to refine the melt to a high enough temperature. Therefore, there should be enough refining time. The molten solution should be kept stable, especially in the later stage of refining, to avoid large reaction or liquid churning and other abnormal phenomena. In the later stage of refining, the brown fused aluminium oxide melt at the bottom of hearth is allowed to solidify first, but the upper melt still has good fluidity.

(240 grit aluminum oxide manufacturers in china)Up to now, there is no strict judgment basis for the brown aluminium oxide smelting end point of white corundum, which can only be judged by the occurrence of red cap after the melting of furnace charge. White corundum is naturally cooled after shutdown. First, it is cooled slowly for a period of time, so that sodium perchlorate crystal has enough time for segregation, and finally it is concentrated in the middle and upper part of the frit. Then water to cool the black silicon carbide block quickly.

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