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Erosion is a type of wear caused by the impact of multiphase flowing media on the surface of the material(brown corundum powder). Experiments have also proved that: the exhaust gas of the pulverized coal boiler combustion in thermal power plants causes damage to the heat exchanger pipeline, which accounts for roughly 1/3 of the pipeline damage, and its minimum life is only 16000h(brown aluminum oxide 250 grit), which belongs to the erosion of materials by high-temperature and high-speed airflow.

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Fluid erosion, that is, rain erosion: Abrasion caused by the action of fluid, gas or air flow containing liquid droplets(fused aluminum oxide). There are also rocket nozzle throat linings, gas turbine engines that use pulverized coal as fuel, etc. The above mentioned are examples of airflow carrying solid particles impacting the solid surface and easily causing erosion, also known as sandblasting erosion(low density white alumina). If other conditions remain unchanged, the greater the viscosity, the thicker the oil film.

Like the erosion of water turbine blades in sediment-laden rivers(alumina abrasive), the flow components of mud pumps and impurity pumps used in the construction industry, oil drilling, coal mining, and metallurgical mines are also severely eroded. When a high-speed aircraft passes through a rain area, the aircraft flying in a storm will be eroded by raindrops, which is called rain erosion(180 grit aluminum oxide blasting media). For example, the pressure viscosity coefficient a of naphthenic oil.

The erosion of hydraulic machinery is caused by the formation and extinction of dissolved gas or vaporized bubbles in the low-pressure flowing liquid, which is called cavitation erosion(aluminium oxide abrasive grit). Such as marine propellers, water pump impellers, pipeline valves for conveying liquids, etc(1200 grit aluminum oxide). According to the medium, the erosion wear can be divided into two categories, namely, air-blast type erosion and liquid flow or water drop type erosion.

They exist directly impact the surface of the material, and some collapse on the surface, thereby exerting mechanical force on the surface of the material(white aluminum oxide grit). When planning a unified technical vocabulary, the definitions of erosion wear, fluid erosion and cavitation erosion are as follows: erosion wear is the wear on the solid surface caused by the erosion of the fluid containing hard particles relative to the solid(silicon carbide abrasive grit). Erosion wear is also known as erosion wear.

It refers to the wear caused by the impact of fluid or solid with loose small particles on the surface of the material at a certain speed and angle(white aluminium oxide powder). According to the different media carrying particles, erosion wear is divided into gas-solid erosion wear, fluid erosion wear, droplet erosion and cavitation wear. The erosion caused by the relative movement of hard particles almost perpendicular to the surface is called impact erosion(black alumina). Fluid erosion usually does not include cavitation; chemical action will aggravate fluid erosion. 

Because the bubble shrinks very fast, it produces hydraulic shock and high temperature on the solid surface, and the long-term action causes the solid surface to form a damage zone(white fused alumina). Cavitation erosion, namely cavitation: the surface damage caused by the movement of a solid relative to a liquid in a cavitation state(black aluminum oxide abrasive 70 grit). If arranged and combined according to the flow medium and the second phase, the erosion can be divided into four types.

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