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30 Grit Aluminum Oxide Wholesale Suppliers Malaysia

The former is used for batch production and the latter is used for small quantity production(white fused alumina manufacturer). According to different materials and the same way, the cleaning methods of substrate are different. Generally, brushes with grain size of 180 days and 240 mesh are used for deburring after drilling(synthetic corundum price); brushes with particle size of 320 mesh and 500 mesh are used for substrate treatment before sticking dry film.

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It is mainly divided into two categories: cleaning treatment of circuit board and cleaning treatment of other metal materials(80 grit aluminum oxide). This section only introduces the cleaning treatment of circuit board. For the cleaning treatment of other metal materials, please refer to Section 2 of Chapter 2(120 grit aluminum oxide harbor freight). Dry electrolytic cleaning is rarely used in PCB fabrication. Therefore, this section mainly introduces mechanical cleaning and chemical cleaning.

(30 grit aluminum oxide wholesale suppliers malaysia)Malachite green and Sudan blue are often added as pigments(220 grit aluminum oxide). This time is called the maximum exposure time or maximum exposure amount. Different abrasive grains have different uses. In order to increase the contact area between dry film and substrate surface, micro roughening surface is also required(80 grit aluminum oxide blasting media). The size of the picture and text obtained after development is still consistent with the size of the photographic plate.

The PCB layout before coating includes copper clad laminate substrate and pre plated substrate after hole metallization(100 grit aluminum oxide blast media). In order to ensure the firm adhesion between the dry film and the substrate surface, the substrate surface is required to be free of oxide layer, oil stain, fingerprint and other dirt(fine grit aluminum oxide). The purpose of adding pigment is to make the dry film present bright color, which is convenient for revision and inspection.(30 grit aluminum oxide wholesale suppliers malaysia)

These two kinds of brushes have their own advantages and disadvantages(60 grit aluminum oxide): the compressed brush has fine abrasive particle size, and the pressure of brush roller on the surface of the plate to be brushed is large, and the inner substrate of dry multi-layer plate is mainly used for cleaning(180 grit aluminum oxide). The anti-corrosion layer left on the surface of the metal plate after exposure should be light retarded and solid, drilling burr and rough mirror layer.

(30 grit aluminum oxide wholesale suppliers malaysia)The substrate processed by pumice powder plate making machine has the following advantages(150 grit aluminum oxide): the exposure time is prolonged to make the photoresist polymerize more thoroughly and can develop normally. The developed anti-corrosion layer meets the anti-corrosion performance and adhesion performance required by the technical conditions(70 grit aluminum oxide blast media), so the steel surface brushed is uniform and uniform.

These two kinds of brushes have their own advantages and disadvantages(220 grit aluminum oxide blast media): Although this brush board machine is a kind of brush board method which is widely used at present, it also has some defects, such as the directional scratch on the surface(100 grit aluminum oxide media), the cultivated land type groove, and the uneven surface of the treated board is caused by the abrasion of the brush and the inconsistent height of the brush.(30 grit aluminum oxide wholesale suppliers malaysia)

Thermal resistance agent is a kind of additive material(aluminum oxide blast media 60 grit), such as METHOXYPHENOL and hydroquinone, to prevent the polymerization of dry film due to absorption of heat energy during production or storage. Generally, 3% - 5% NaOH solution is used, sometimes the edge of the hole is torn to form an elliptical hole, and the membrane removal temperature is 50 ℃ - 60 ℃(180 grit aluminum oxide blasting media), which is removed by mechanical spraying or soaking.

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