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400 Grit Aluminum Oxide Powder Producers Pakistan

It can be divided into chemical method and mechanical method(carborundum abrasives). Chemical method is easy to damage the drawing net and is not used much. Commonly used mechanical method, the simplest mechanical method is to use fine decontamination powder or more than 500 silicon carbide powder, first wet the screen(silicon carbide grit suppliers), then use cloth strip or more than 1000 water sand paper to stick dirt powder or silicon carbide powder.

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Generally, 5% NaOH solution is used to coat the two sides of the wire mesh evenly with nylon, and it is placed for 5min ~ 10min(silicon carbide grit). In the case of water wetting, use light pressure to repeatedly rub the whole screen surface in the form of spiral. The coarsening time was about 5 min(carborundum grit suppliers). If the photosensitive film used has photosensitive properties, it is not necessary to brush the sensitizer, but only to wet the screen surface with water.(400 grit aluminum oxide powder producers pakistan)

In order to make the photosensitive adhesive stick firmly, the cleaning of the screen is very important(120 grit aluminum oxide blasting media). The operator does not need skilled skills to make plate with high efficiency, and the plate making repeatability is good, which completely solves the influence of operation error on direct method(aluminum oxide sandblasting). The sensitizing solution is about 4% of (NH) cr30 solution, which can be evenly spread on the surface of wire mesh with sponge strip.

From this step to the end of the development must be done in yellow light(100 grit aluminum oxide). It is better to neutralize with 5% HAC solution for 5min, and then rinse thoroughly with cold water. It can also be treated with other commercial cleaners. The standard of whether the oil is thorough: the water film on the surface of the wire mesh after cleaning and washing is complete(silicon carbide abrasive grit). Then wash carefully with warm water and brush, and rinse with clean water.

(400 grit aluminum oxide powder producers pakistan)However, no matter what method is used for cleaning treatment, the water quality must be good, and the water should not contain impurities such as mud and sand(aluminum oxide sandblasting media). The photographic background plate is placed in the exposure machine against the light source, vacuumed and sucked tightly for drinking(silicon carbide 180 grit). After pasting, use a hard rubber strip to gently scratch the film on the back of the photosensitive film to drive away the bubbles.

It can also be placed in a transparent plastic bag with no air leakage and vacuumized tightly(brown fused alumina). There are two kinds of photosensitive film, one is that the film itself does not have a photosensitive effect, need to make a layer of photosensitive liquid on the screen surface(black silicon carbide powder). The other is a kind of film with photosensitive function, which does not need to brush the surface of the screen with photosensitive liquid, and do not dry wipe.

The method of pasting can put the treated screen face up on the platform, and then put the sensitive film medicine film face to the net and put it down from the side of the screen(1200 grit aluminum oxide). At this time, the sensitized or wetted screen surface will absorb the photosensitive film, which can be pasted properly(carborundum grit). This method is suitable for pasting the photosensitive film with small area. This method can also be called direct pasting method.(400 grit aluminum oxide powder producers pakistan)

After peeling off the polyester film, the mesh plate can be dried in the lower oven for 2-5 min to ensure the drying quality(120 grit aluminum oxide). Attach the photographic plate to the screen film, place a piece of black hard paper larger than that of the photographic plate on the back of the screen, and then place a sponge with the same size and thickness of 5cm as the black paper on the black paper(green silicon carbide powder), and 305 water-free film is qualified.

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