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46 Grit Aluminum Oxide Blast Media Price Italy

The combustion chamber side is affected by high temperature and gas(fused alumina), the silica brick becomes yellow brown, with a thickness of about 70 mm, SiO2 and Cao slightly increased, the middle layer of silica brick becomes gray brown, with a thickness of about 20 mm; with a thickness of about 10 mm, and the content of Fe2O3 and Al2O3 increased(glass bead blasting media suppliers), with dense structure and low porosity.

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Carbon materials are deposited on the top of the carbonization chamber(white fused alumina), which are often burned out, resulting in loose brick structure and reduced strength; brick masonry in the regenerator and other parts are also subject to chemical erosion, especially the upper lattice brick(aluminium oxide sandblasting), the silica brick on the carbonization chamber side is black gray, which is more seriously eroded due to high temperature and ash accumulation.

With the large-scale coke oven, the temperature of the fire channel has been raised from about 1300 ℃ to 1460 ℃(white aluminum oxide). Although the national standard of silica brick for coke oven in the Soviet Union has not been revised, the quality of silica brick for coke oven produced by various factories has been greatly improved(black oxide aluminum). Impurities such as Al2O3, Fe2O3 and alkaline oxide should be reduced to the allowable range. 

In the past 25 years, the porosity of silica brick decreased year by year, that is, the bulk density increased, and the pressure resistance increased(white corundum). Months ago, the refractories used for coke ovens in various countries were mainly silica bricks, whose overall dimensions should be accurate and have enough high volume density, and the porosity increased(artificial corundum); thermal conductivity, high temperature creep and high temperature strength.

In order to meet the needs of brick for large volume coke oven, Japan and West Germany revised the industry standard of brick for coke oven in 1970, with higher performance index(silicon carbide price). The production practice of coke oven proves that up to now, silica brick is still a good masonry material for coke oven(glass beads supplier). It also shows that the thermal conductivity and wear resistance of silica brick for coke oven in Japan have been greatly improved.

In recent twenty years, many countries have built large volume coke ovens one after another(green carborundum). The carbonization chamber and combustion chamber are generally built with dense silica brick, with good effect. On the wall of coke oven carbonization chamber, due to the chemical erosion of salt in coal and the deposition of carbon from gas decomposition(garnet abrasive), the texture and properties of silica brick on the wall of coke oven change.

At the same time, the quartz composition in the brick should be basically transformed into tridymite(arc fused alumina), and the residual quartz composition should be less than 5%, the less, the better (generally controlled by the true specific gravity index). When 3% titanium oxide is added, the same effect is obtained, and the compressive strength and wear resistance are improved correspondingly(garnet suppliers). Refractories put forward higher requirements.

However, in the process of using the brick, it is easy to produce peeling off, which is more serious for the furnace head(silicon carbide companies). In addition, the price is expensive, and whether it can be widely used, American coke oven workers hold a wait-and-see attitude(steel grid). The United States and the Soviet Union also built coke oven carbonization chambers with silicon carbide bricks and corundum bricks respectively, and carried out semi industrial tests.

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