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46 Grit Aluminum Oxide Blast Media Wholesale Germany

It absorbs energy from the excited polymer to eliminate the excited state of the polymer molecule, such as nickel, and the diamond complex has this effect(white fused alumina). The thermal oxygen (aging) of polymers is the result of the combined action of heat and oxygen(aluminum oxide grit). The heat accelerates the oxidation of the polymer, physical stabilization, and the decomposition of the oxide leads to the automatic oxidation process of the main chain breaking.

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The oxidation process is to form hydroperoxide first, and then further decompose to produce active centers (free radicals). Thermal stabilizers include gold-tin soaps, organic tin, etc(white aluminum oxide). The above oxidation can also be regarded as chemical attack. Is to take certain measures to prevent or delay the chemical reactions that cause aging(synthetic corundum). Among them, the active acid end group is deactivated and stabilized. This is not just a technical issue.

In the application, commonly used antioxidants include secondary aromatic amines, hindered polyesters, esters, tertiary amines and thiols, dialkyl dithiocarbamate, phosphite, etc(white corundum). Due to the action of chemical substances, the phenomenon that the polymer chain chemically changes the surface and deteriorates the performance is called chemical slow corrosion, such as the hydrolysis of polyester and cystamide(garnet abrasive). Erosion of baby bugs.

The problem involved in chemical attack is the chemical nature of the polymer(silicon carbide abrasive). Therefore, when considering the aging of the polymer and the environmental impact, it is necessary to fully estimate the chemical changes that may occur in the polymer(emery abrasive). Some natural compounds derived from animals and plants, such as slightly protein cellulose and paint alkyd resins containing natural oils, will also be eroded by bacteria and staphylococcus.

It is impossible to completely prevent aging, only to delay the aging process(green silicon carbide). The method is the most common method of polymer anti-aging, and its advantages are simple, effective and flexible. Generally, the dosage of additives is 0.1% ~ 1%(garnet suppliers). The time of adding the conventional additives can be from the synthesis of the heroes to the final application in various stages, but in principle it is better to add people as early as possible.

Strictly speaking, the currently applicable anti-aging measures include the following four aspects(black silicon carbide): improving the chemical structure of the common hero, introducing a structure containing a stable group, such as using vinyl group monomers containing antioxidants for home improvement Sex(steel grid). This method is mainly used for acetal-like compounds: such as tensile orientation; adding additives, such as antioxidants and light stabilizers.

The core issue is how to choose the beam additive system correctly(aluminum oxide abrasive). A correct choice is the result of a combination of many factors, including technology, economy, society and legislation. For example, in addition to considering the type of resin and its product use and cost, it must also consider user acceptance, environmental protection requirements(glass bead blasting media suppliers), legal restrictions, and all technical developments related to the application.

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