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46 Grit Aluminum Oxide Manufacturers In South Africa

The main component of brown corundum is alumina, and the grade is also distinguished by the aluminum content. The secondary brown corundum uses high-quality bauxite as the main raw material, and uses various processing methods such as aluminium oxide blasting purification, impurity removal, crystallization, separation, crushing, magnetic separation, and sieving in an arc smelting furnace at a high temperature above 2200 ° C.

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Products, in which the content of AL2O3 is ≥85%. Product size is produced according to fused aluminium oxide international standards and national standards, and can be processed according to user requirements. The outstanding feature is that the crystal size is small and impact resistance. Because it is crushed by self-grinding machine, the particles are mostly spherical particles. The white aluminum oxide abrasive 220 grit surface is dry and easy to combine with the binding agent.

(46 grit aluminum oxide manufacturers in south africa)As the indispensable consumables for industrial production and processing, the products of angles and brown fused alumina of abrasive tools are generally called industrial consumables. Abrasives are used in a wide range of applications. Most industrial production and industrial products are used in processing. Abrasives are known as industrial teeth. Honing white fused aluminum oxide products have only two functions, one cutting and two polishing.

The industries involved include machinery production, equipment manufacturing, automobile polishing, furniture polishing, etc. Because sodium oxide is harmful to aluminium oxide grit suppliers, a small amount of sodium oxide will eliminate a large amount of Al2O3 (18.10 times the mass of Na2O) to generate sodium aluminate. Therefore, in addition to the Al2O3 content, the chrome corundum chemical composition standard of white corundum also strictly limits the Na2O content.(46 grit aluminum oxide manufacturers in south africa)

Besides Al2O3 and a small amount of Na2O in the brown aluminum oxide powder, the other components are few and negligible, so the national standard does not stipulate other components of white corundum abrasive. The content of abrasive chemical composition fluctuates slightly with the change of abrasive particle size. This is also reflected in the standard provisions. The finer the black aluminum oxide 70 grit abrasive media, the lower its purity.

(46 grit aluminum oxide manufacturers in south africa)That is to say, the content of the main white aluminum oxide blast media chemical components of the abrasive will decrease to varying degrees as the particle size becomes finer, and the content of impurities will increase accordingly. However, the national standard does not specify the content of MgO and SiO2 in the black aluminum oxide blast media abrasive. This type of corundum is called semi-brittle corundum abroad and high-aluminum corundum in China.

The lower the aluminum content, the lower the hardness. Sintered corundum abrasives are brown aluminium oxide microcrystalline aggregates formed by mixing the ground aluminum oxide powder with a small amount of additives and sintering at high temperature. Sintered corundum abrasives have a compact structure, high strength and hardness, and 150 grit aluminum oxide can maintain sharp cutting edges and correct geometries permanently during the grinding process.

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