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The chemical composition of silicon carbide abrasive reflects their inherent quality and performance. The higher the silicon carbide content and the higher the purity, the better the quality of the abrasive. Industrial silicon carbide usually contains about 2% of impurities, mainly free silicon, carbon, iron, silicon dioxide and aluminum oxide abrasive media, calcium, magnesium and so on.

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The most important chemical property of silicon carbide is its resistance to oxidation. aluminum oxide abrasive blasting grit is easily oxidized in air at 1000 ° C or higher, and a silicon dioxide film is formed on the surface. Above 1627 ° C, silicon carbide will decompose: 2SiO + SiC-3Si0 + CO, which will destroy the SiO2 protective film, and the black aluminum oxide media will oxidize rapidly. There is a layer of Si2 film on the surface of silicon carbide abrasive particles. 

(46 grit aluminum oxide manufacturers mexico)This layer of SiO2 film can prevent the oxidation process of internal silicon carbide, so that white fused alumina has better oxidation resistance. At 1300 ° C, cristobalite begins to precipitate in Si2, and the volume change of the crystal form changes, which causes the SiO2 film to crack and increase the oxidation rate. At 1500 ~ 1600 ℃, due to the thickening of the SiO2 layer, the oxidation is limited, so that corundum abrasive can be used stably to 1600 ℃.

The oxidation of synthetic corundum price in water vapor and carbon dioxide is similar to that in air, but the oxidation rate is lower when the temperature is below 1627 ° C. This film determines the chemical stability of silicon carbide: it does not interact with strong acids at higher temperatures, but aluminum oxide 40 grit can be decomposed by molten strong alkali or sodium carbonate, concentrated nitric acid and hydrofluoride A mixture of acids can dissolve SiO and SiC.

(46 grit aluminum oxide manufacturers mexico)At 1300 ° C, especially in an oxidizing atmosphere, white aluminum oxide will be severely attacked by sodium silicate. The reason for the color of silicon carbide is the impurity. For example, boron carbide will make the crystal black, and the crystal will be green when ammonia is contained. Pure aluminum oxide 220 grit abrasive is colorless and transparent crystal. The most significant impurities are aluminum, ammonia, and iron. Physical properties.

Therefore, alumina grit ceramic wheels cannot use water glass as a wetting agent. In addition to the physical properties such as density, density, bulk density, particle size composition, toughness, magnetic content, hydrophilicity, pH value, thermal expansion coefficient, and thermal conductivity discussed in the corundum abrasive section, color and electrical conductivity are also important for silicon carbide.(46 grit aluminum oxide manufacturers mexico)

Silicon carbide abrasive classifies colorless to green as green silicon carbide, and dark blue to black as black silicon carbide. In addition to the color of the crystal itself, silicon carbide crystals and thin films also interfere with natural light. When the thickness of the silicon oxide film on the surface of the alumina abrasive body is different or the reflection angle of light is different, the reflected light is two-coherent light.

(46 grit aluminum oxide manufacturers mexico)Therefore, the surface of silicon carbide has a mottled, colorful color under natural light. white corundum is a semiconductor with a resistivity between 10 ~~ 102 · m, which varies with the type and amount of impurities in the crystal. When there is more aluminum, the conductivity of silicon carbide is significantly increased. The conductivity of white alumina powder increases rapidly with increasing electric field strength.

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