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46 Grit aluminum Oxide Blast Media Suppliers China

For example, when the oxygen consumption is increased to 3900 M / h, the furnace top life will be reduced to 223 heats(arc fused alumina); when the oxygen consumption is 10.2 M / T steel, the furnace top life will be 817 heats for 360 t open hearth furnace in the UK, and when the oxygen consumption is increased to 20.5 m / T steel(glass bead blasting media suppliers), the furnace top life will be reduced to 148 heats, its service life is increased from 242 heats to 545 heats.

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When the top height of 350 ton open hearth furnace of Jones Laurin steel company in America is raised from 2.92 meters to 3.455 meters(brown fused alumina). In addition, in order to meet the needs of oxygen blowing and strengthening in open hearth furnace, the furnace structure must be reformed to improve the quality of Guhuo material(steel grid). When the oxygen consumption is 70-77m / ton steel, the service life of furnace top can reach about 1000 heats.

The lower structure of open hearth furnace must be changed accordingly(fused alumina), that is to say, changing the third riser into a single riser, expanding the settling chamber and increasing the lattice holes of the lattice bricks in the regenerator; for example, the top life of the oxygen top blowing open hearth furnace in Anshan Iron and Steel Co., Ltd. is about 600 heats(aluminium oxide abrasive grit), which is nearly 70% longer than that of the ordinary open hearth furnace.

When the oxygen consumption is less than 1800 m / h, the service life of furnace top is 386 heats(brown aluminum oxide). The production technical index of double bed open hearth furnace is relatively advanced, with short smelting time and high hourly production capacity(aluminium oxide blasting grit). The chemical composition of spray coating is basically the same as that of converter brick, but the particles are smaller. There are many ways to improve the structure of furnace body.

In the early stage of development, the refractory used for open hearth steelmaking mainly uses silica brick to build the furnace body, which is called acid open hearth(garnet abrasive). The average life of furnace top is about 200 heats. This open hearth is called alkali open hearth, and its service life is generally 400-500 heats(fine grit aluminum oxide). The service life of open hearth furnace can also be improved by changing the oxygen supply mode or adopting the KOV method to blow oxygen.

For example, since the oxygen blowing, the furnace top uses the high-purity magnesia chrome brick as the lining, with a high service life(garnet suppliers). In order to save energy, chemical bonded non caustic bricks have been made abroad, which are currently only used on furnace walls(180 grit aluminum oxide). The so-called KOV oxygen blowing is to embed the oxygen nozzle on the back wall 300 mm below the molten pool surface, with the nozzle end flush with the wall.

The average capacity of open hearth furnace in China is 225 tons(brown aluminium oxide). Oxygen blowing technology is widely used in the production process to continuously strengthen smelting operation. During oxygen blowing, the liquid is stirred directly, which speeds up the metallurgical reaction and shortens the time of coal melting(70 grit aluminum oxide blast media). At the same time, the dust content of waste gas is less, and the furnace top temperature can be reduced by about 100 ℃.

In general, 600-800 heats are used in the United States, and 1000 heats are used in Canada(silicon carbide price). For example, when a Canadian open hearth furnace uses the coff process to blow oxygen, its top life is increased from about 400 heats to more than 700 heats. Later, magnesia brick is used to build the melting pool and front and rear walls(100 grit aluminum oxide media), and magnesia brick, magnesia chrome brick or magnesia aluminum brick are used for the furnace top.

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