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600 Grit Aluminum Oxide Powder Factory Malaysia

This can prevent the diluent from swelling the adhesive during printing, so that the mesh can maintain good tension for a long time(aluminum oxide 1000 grit). The mechanical tension net is carried out by a special tension machine, and the corresponding manual has detailed description of the method(100 grit aluminum oxide blast media). A plate making method in which the viscosity of semi cured gelatin is used to press the surface of the screen and paste it on the screen surface to copy the plate after development.

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The photographic emulsions used in the direct method can be roughly divided into dichromate and diazo(white corundum manufacturers). The dichromate emulsion is toxic, prone to dark reaction and difficult to be preserved for a long time. Take point D as the midpoint of AC, if AC = 400mm, ad = 200mm, DP = 5mm, screen extension length: app = AD + DPP = 200 ° + 5 = 40025, AP = 200.06, AP + PC = 400.12(carborundum powder suppliers). Both dichromate and diazonium are photosensitive monomers.(600 grit aluminum oxide powder factory malaysia)

The diazonium solution has a longer storage time under normal conditions, and the sensitivity is higher than that of chromate system(aluminum oxide 40/60 grit). There are many kinds of photosensitive emulsions, but most of them are made of PVA (polyvinyl alcohol) and mixed with human bichlorate or bichlorate(brown fused alumina oxide). The disadvantage of this method is that the surface bonding between the film plate and the screen is not very firm, and the printing resistance is poor, which is rarely used now.

(600 grit aluminum oxide powder factory malaysia)The direct method is to coat a layer of photosensitive emulsion on the screen surface with a glue applicator(brown fused alumina), and then form a pre-made photosensitive film after drying, and then expose the photographic negative film on the screen plate coated with the photosensitive emulsion, so that the transparent part of the photographic negative film is photosensitive hardening(buy brown fused alumina), and the light-proof part of the photographic plate is not hardened, and after being washed and developed.

It can be seen that the photosensitive glue makes the screen cool in the middle, so the photosensitive film has strong physical adhesion and good printing resistance(80 grit aluminum oxide for cerakote). This method is not easy to form a uniform thickness film on the screen surface when coating latex, which not only affects the uniformity of ink transmission, but also causes the zigzag edge of text and text(white fused alumina manufacturer). The photosensitive effect of the direct and indirect photographic film can not be achieved by the direct method.

Direct legal edition is mainly used in medium requirements and large quantities(aluminum oxide 80-90 grit). In the indirect method, the photosensitive emulsion composed of ferric salt, chromium salt and propylene monomer as photosensitive component and gelatin as film-forming component is pre coated on the polymer substrate, and the film is cut and exposed according to the required size(80 grit aluminum oxide), the photographic emulsion can penetrate through the mesh Part of.

The direct method is that the photosensitive emulsion is directly coated on the screen surface(low soda alumina). The characteristics of this method are that the film thickness is uniform, the picture and text reproduction is good, the adhesion property is good, it can be closely combined with any screen, the film has strong solubility resistance(220 grit aluminum oxide), and has strong solubility resistance to strong solvents such as acetic acid, ketone, aromatic and alcohol series.(600 grit aluminum oxide powder factory malaysia)

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