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70 Grit Aluminum Oxide Blast Media Manufacturers USA

Japan's Toshiba tungaroy Co., Ltd., Guangyang Co., Ltd. and Creative Science Co., Ltd. jointly developed a white fused alumina mesh flexible diamond grinding wheel, named "MC grinding wheel". The structure of the MC grinding wheel is based on the mesh matrix of organic materials. The resin bond is used to firmly grasp the diamond grains to make the laminated white fused aluminum oxide grinding wheel.

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The composition of the white aluminum oxide abrasive layer is about 30% of the volume of the mesh matrix material fiber, about 25% of the diamond grains, about 25% of the bond, and about 20% of the rest is the gap part. The abrasive layer formed in this way, because of the structure supported by the laminated matrix material, has a certain degree of cushioning to the workpiece during grinding. In the general machinery without special rigidity, it can also be used for 100 grit aluminum oxide blast media grinding. 

(70 grit aluminum oxide blast media manufacturers usa)When grinding precision ceramics with this kind of brown aluminium oxide grinding wheel, it can play the following characteristics: because there are pores (voids) on the grinding wheel, it is convenient to drain the liquid and discharge the chips. The grinding fluid can reach the grinding point fully, which is not easy to produce blocking, and the white aluminum oxide abrasive 220 grit grinding heat causes less falling off and damage of the abrasive particles and bond, which can keep good sharpness for a long time;

In order to efficiently and accurately grind and process the engineering ceramic materials used as structural components, the service life of silicon carbide abrasive grinding wheel can be prolonged with a long interval of dressing. Because the grinding wheel is a mesh flexible structure, which has the ability to absorb vibration and impact, it can avoid the damage of the grinding wheel itself and the workpiece, so it can be processed on the white aluminum oxide blast media machining center for a long time and automatically.

(70 grit aluminum oxide blast media manufacturers usa)It can be used for grinding ultra-thin workpieces and green silicon carbide workpieces with complex shapes, and can obviously improve the surface roughness of workpieces. Therefore, rough grinding and semi-fine grinding can be carried out for precision ceramics. Dynamic light scattering method is mainly used to measure the white alumina powder particle size distribution of nano materials. There are ready-made instruments in foreign countries, but not in China at present.

The grinding methods with this kind of black silicon carbide grinding wheel are: 1. Plane grinding; 2. Cutting processing; 3. Internal grinding; 4. Hole processing; 5. Machining with machining center (there are many kinds of grinding wheels). At this time, although the production capacity is slightly improved, the screening efficiency will gradually decrease. On the contrary, if the feed quantity is too small, the emery abrasive production capacity will be affected.(70 grit aluminum oxide blast media manufacturers usa)

Dynamic light scattering method: the laser scattering method mentioned above can be understood as static light scattering method. When the aluminum oxide abrasive particle size is small to a certain extent, the particle is affected by Brownian motion in the liquid, showing a state of random motion, and its motion distance and velocity are related to the particle size. The fused aluminium oxide particle size distribution can be obtained by identifying the movement state of these particles through related technologies.

(70 grit aluminum oxide blast media manufacturers usa)In order to improve screening efficiency and aluminum oxide grit production capacity and ensure product quality, the following points shall be paid attention to during screening operation: feeding materials shall be evenly and continuously fed to the human screen surface, so that it is covered with a thin layer along the width of the whole screen, so that the whole screen surface can be fully utilized, and fine particles can easily pass through the screen holes, so as to improve screening efficiency and production capacity, and control the appropriate feeding speed and feeding site. The synthetic corundum increase will increase the screen load and the material layer thickness.

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