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70 Grit Aluminum Oxide Blast Media Philippines

When the brown fused aluminum oxide factory grinding wheel is rotating, the vibration force is caused by the center of mass of the grinding wheel and the center of its rotating shaft, which forms centrifugal force when it is introduced into its bearing. This state is called wheel imbalance. The definition of our national standard (GB / t2492-2003) is: the radius of brown aluminum oxide 70 grit grinding wheel is expressed in mm, the mass is expressed in G, and the unbalance is expressed in G mm.

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According to the international standard (ISO), the definition of static unbalance is that the rotation axis of brown aluminium oxide grinding wheel does not coincide with its inertia axis, and only deviates equally. This centrifugal force acts on the bearing of grinding machine, causes the vibration of main shaft, accelerates the wear of grinding machine, reduces the breaking speed of grinding wheel, reduces the surface quality of white fused aluminum oxide 60 grit workpiece, and the surface of workpiece will produce "record" pattern.

(70 grit aluminum oxide blast media philippines)According to the national standard, white aluminum oxide blast media grinding wheels with diameter of 150 mm and larger shall be subject to static balance inspection. The strength of grinding wheel refers to the resistance of grinding wheel to tensile stress. During grinding, grinding wheel will produce many stresses, such as thermal stress, vibration stress, clamping stress, cutting stress and centrifugal force. Abrasive is the main grinding component in brown aluminium oxide manufacturer abrasive tools.

But the general stress is much smaller than the centrifugal force, which is not easy to cause damage to the brown fused alumina grinding wheel. However, when the grinding wheel is rotating at high speed, its centrifugal force is very large. The tensile stress produced by the centrifugal force often causes the grinding wheel to break, resulting in machine tool and personal accidents. his is equivalent to the rotating disk in the theory of elasticity and brown fused alumina for grinding belongs to the two-dimensional polar coordinate problem.(70 grit aluminum oxide blast media philippines)

In order to avoid damage to the grinding wheel, the white aluminium oxide manufacturer national standard stipulates that the grinding wheel with diameter D ≥ 150 mm shall be subject to rotation test. TWe assume that the wheel material is continuous, homogeneous and isotropic, and that the stress distribution is two-dimensional, that is, wetting agents, the thickness of the brown aluminum oxide blast media wheel is very small compared with the outer diameter, and the stress along the axial direction is not changed.

(70 grit aluminum oxide blast media philippines)The brown aluminum oxide grinding wheel is a kind of heterogeneous object. Ceramic bonded abrasives are a complex system of raw materials, including abrasives (carborundum), binders, binders, colorants and pore forming agents. In addition to the common corundum and silicon carbide abrasive, there are also abrasives such as diamond, cubic boron nitride and ceramic corundum abrasives. Under high temperature, the white aluminum oxide 120 grit should be able to maintain a certain hardness and strength.

Abrasives used for grinding should have the following properties: the hardness of white aluminum oxide 220 grit should be higher than that of workpieces. This is the first condition to realize grinding. In order to make grinding process better, the hardness h of abrasive and the hardness h of workpiece should meet the following relationship: hm / HR > 1.5 ~ 2 should have enough compressive strength, bending strength, impact strength and brown fused alumina grit appropriate self sharpening.(70 grit aluminum oxide blast media philippines)

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