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70 Grit Aluminum Oxide Blast Media Suppliers China

They are described as follows: the brown fused alumina particles are sprayed on the anvil with compressed air, or in the air flow mill, the hidden cracks in the abrasive particles are eliminated by means of mutual collision, the shape of the particles is improved to improve the strength of the abrasive particles, and the dynamic new machine of the wheel mill can also be used to shape the brown fused aluminium oxide particles.

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Strengthen screening operation and change brown aluminum oxide particle size composition. According to the different objects of use, the abrasive particles are divided into several grades according to the size composition. The common method is to distinguish the varieties according to the content of the basic particle group. For example, if the content of the basic particle group is higher than 60%, the white fused alumina price with the content of the basic particle group of 50% or 45% will be used as another abrasive.

(70 grit aluminum oxide blast media suppliers china)Corundum abrasive are treated by chemical or physical methods to improve the performance of brown aluminium oxide. Abrasive calcination treatment, similar to heat treatment, requires higher basic particle content for abrasives coated with abrasives, and there are two situations for bonded abrasives. High basic particle content of coarse level will reduce the accumulation density of black aluminum oxide media, thus affecting the formation density and strength of grinding wheel.

One is that the internal stress caused by the quench of white fused alumina suppliers can be eliminated by calcination and tempering of the abrasive, so as to improve its strength. The other is that it can help the migration of impurities in corundum to make up for the microcracks on the crystal interface of corundum. Thirdly, the transformation of high price titanium into low price titanium in corundum eliminated the abnormal expansion of pink aluminium oxide. If the content of basic particles is too small, the burning waste will increase.(70 grit aluminum oxide blast media suppliers china)

Impregnation can be repeated. For example, when the black fused alumina is treated at 1000 ℃ for 1 hour, the crushing resistance can be increased by 25%, and when the microcrystalline corundum is heat treated at the same condition, it can be increased by 25%. Another advantage of calcination is to oxidize titanium alloy in white aluminum oxide abrasive to silicoferrate. Furthermore, there is no iron spot when the ferroalloy is made into ferrosilicate and used as a ceramic bond grinding tool.

(70 grit aluminum oxide blast media suppliers china)In addition, the manganese steel scraps worn by crushing machinery can be transformed into strong magnetic pink alumina materials after forging and burning. Pickling or alkaline washing of abrasive can make the abrasive surface rough, improve the chemical activity, and help to improve the binding force with the binder. Another purpose of white fused aluminium oxide pickling is to etch the iron in the abrasive with acid. The increase of magnetization coefficient is beneficial to magnetic separation. 

It can improve the black aluminium oxide properties in many ways. The surface etching treatment is more effective for white corundum, and the content of Na2O in white corundum after pickling treatment is reduced. At the same time, the chemical energy on the surface of white corundum is activated, thus the bonding strength with the binder is improved. In particular, due to the difficulty of magnetic separation, acid is sometimes used to etch the iron in the pink fused alumina abrasive.(70 grit aluminum oxide blast media suppliers china)

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