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80 Grit Aluminum Oxide Blasting Media Germany

During the 220 grit aluminum oxide blast media hardening process, the viscosity of the resin in phase A decreases with temperature, which softens the grinding tool body and easily causes deformation. When the temperature reaches 90 ~ 100 ℃, the amount of volatiles in the resin is the largest; when the 1200 grit aluminum oxide temperature reaches 100 ~ 110 ℃, the resin in stage A reacts and condenses to the stage B and becomes an elastic solid.

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When the temperature reaches 120 ~ 140 ℃, the amount of volatiles is large, so the 80 grit aluminum oxide blasting media heating rate must be slow in the above temperature ranges, otherwise the abrasive body will easily swell and crack. Practice has proved that as the temperature continues to rise and reaches 180 ~ 195 ° C, the resin gradually undergoes a polycondensation reaction from the B stage to the C stage, large specifications, it takes a long time to transfer heat from the outside to the inside of the 46 grit aluminum oxide part when it is hardened.(80 grit aluminum oxide blasting media germany)

Powdered phenolic resins are thermoplastic and must be added with a hardener (Urotropine) to harden into a 100 grit aluminum oxide media thermosetting resin. The white fused alumina maximum hardening temperature of the resin grinding tool depends on the type of resin used. The preferred maximum hardening temperature is: powdered phenolic resin abrasives: 180 ~ 190 ° C; liquid phenolic resin abrasives: 190 ~ 195 ° C; epoxy resin abrasives: (phenolic resin as aluminum oxide blast media 60 grit curing agent) 160 ~ 170 ° C ; Polyimide resin abrasive: 200 ~ 230 ℃.

(80 grit aluminum oxide blasting media germany)The hardening of the resin abrasive is affected by the following factors, how much the white aluminum oxide binding dose is contained in the product; the amount of volatiles in the binder: the size of the workpiece density (porosity); the material and particle size of the abrasive; the specifications and shape of the product; Furnace loading method and hardening method; brown fused alumina manufacturer large amount of volatiles, resin polycondensation speed; thermal power of resin hardening furnace and heating method used.

The white corundum hardening temperature is too low, the resin is not completely hardened, its chemical stability is poor, and the mechanical strength is low; if the temperature is too high, the resin will be decomposed and carbonized, which will reduce the strength, hardness and water resistance of the abrasive tool. The speed of polycondensation of powdery resin during hardening is not as intense as that of liquid resin, low density white alumina with less volatiles, and the escape rate is also slow.(80 grit aluminum oxide blasting media germany)

Vibration can be generated by electric motor, compressed air or electromagnetic induction. During the 240 grit aluminum oxide temperature rising process, in order to allow the volatiles in the binding agent to be slowly eliminated, a small step of insulation should be performed. Liquid phenolic resin: 80 ~ 110 ℃, 120 ~ 140 ℃, (2 ~ 3h); powder phenolic resin: 90 ~ 120 ℃ (1 ~ 2h); white fused alumina manufacturer holding time at the highest hardening temperature is: liquid phenolic resin: 190 ~ 195 ℃ (2 ~ 5h).

(80 grit aluminum oxide blasting media germany)Powdered phenolic resin: 180 ~ 185 ℃ (3 ~ 7h); the heating rate depends on the characteristics of the 120 grit aluminum oxide harbor freight grinding tool: the hardness of the grinding tool, high hardness, large combined dosage, high density, and the heating rate should not be too fast vice versa. Specifications and shapes of grinding tools: the shape is complex and the part is easily deformed, so the heating rate should not be too rapid, and vice versa; white fused alumina suppliers and the green body gradually becomes a hard product.

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