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80 Grit Aluminum Oxide Blasting Media Russia

In our life, there are many items that can be distinguished from true and false by color. So can brown fused alumina also be good? In fact, the quality of alumina grit is still good or bad. Can be identified by color. The color of brown corundum is usually translucent brown, and the color of brown alumina with high aluminum content is lighter and shiny brown.

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Under the sun, the brown aluminum oxide will have high transparency, and the dark brown corundum with a little cyan will have higher hardness, and high iron content. The brown corundum particles are relatively small, and the color will be lighter. The brown corundum with large particles will be darker. The black aluminum oxide media of the same material has a close relationship with the overall brown corundum particle size.

(80 grit aluminum oxide blasting media russia)brown aluminium oxide is mainly divided into three grades. If you classify it according to the brown corundum quality standards, what standards are needed? At this time, you need to observe the AL2O3 content of brown corundum. A content of 95% or more is a good first-grade brown corundum, which is commonly referred to as No. 95 corundum abrasive. Makes the pieces of ceramics baked so crystal clear.

The content of secondary artificial corundum and AL2O3 content of tertiary brown corundum will gradually decrease, and the quality will gradually decrease. The quality of brown corundum can also be distinguished by its color, because brown corundum contains iron. This iron element presents a reddish-brown color, high wear resistance, so aluminum oxide 220 grit abrasive will also appear brownish-brown.(80 grit aluminum oxide blasting media russia)

During the whole process of aluminum oxide blasting abrasive, it has undergone thousands of trials and hardships. In the face of this complicated process, brown corundum has become an exclusive raw material for abrasive tools. With the addition of aluminum oxide 40 grit, the soil culture has become much harder and harder, and at the same time, the hair culture can withstand high temperature baking

(80 grit aluminum oxide blasting media russia)High-quality bauxite is a very important small element that constitutes synthetic corundum price. The shape of brown corundum particles is spherical and round. Brown corundum is a small particle with sharp edges. You can tell the grade and quality of brown corundum by looking at the color. The good one is alumina abrasive, followed by second and third brown corundum. The color is used to distinguish the good and bad of brown corundum. 

It was originally a small amount of aluminum oxide abrasive blasting grit, but its texture was very dense, and the hardness of brown corundum was also very high. It is because brown corundum has these characteristics. Few friends associate aluminum oxide abrasive media with the manufacture of ceramics. In fact, brown corundum can be said to be a very important small material added in the process of making ceramics.(80 grit aluminum oxide blasting media russia)

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