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80 Grit Aluminum Oxide Suppliers In China

Sintering is a process in which the solid powder is heated at a temperature lower than its melting point to make the white fused alumina material fill the particle gap spontaneously and densify. In the process of sintering, the sintering between particles is mainly realized by the larger surface area and higher surface energy of particles. The excess of aluminum oxide abrasive solid surface electric potential energy and its volume ratio is the basic driving force of particle compaction during sintering.

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Any system has a trend to the lowest energy state. When two surfaces are close to the action range of the silicon carbide companies surface force field, bonding and adhesion occur. If they feel headache, dizziness, nausea and other mild symptoms, they should go to a place with fresh air and proper temperature for rest or seek medical treatment. The most important chemical property of pink fused alumina is its oxidation resistance.(80 grit aluminum oxide suppliers in china)

In addition, the white aluminum oxide formation of liquid phase (liquid capacity ≤ 20%) also accelerated the sintering process. Compared with smelting method, sintering method has the following characteristics: sintering temperature = (0.6 ~ 0.8) smelting temperature; sintering abrasive can be made into a certain shape according to the aluminum oxide grit requirements; the composition, phase structure and crystal size of abrasive can be adjusted in a wide range.

(80 grit aluminum oxide suppliers in china)There are pores in the abrasive. When green carborundum is heated to more than 1000 ℃ in air, it only oxidizes on its surface to form a layer of silicon dioxide film. In this way, SiC has better oxidation resistance. At 1300 ℃, the carbon dioxide in the film began to precipitate out of cristobalite, and the transformation of synthetic corundum crystal form led to the cracking of the film layer, thus the oxidation rate increased. At this time, the oxidation of white fused aluminium oxide will proceed rapidly. 

At 1500-1600 ℃, due to the thickening of SiO2 layer, the oxidation is limited, which makes the silicon carbide price can be used stably for a long time at 1600 ℃. When the temperature is over 1627 ℃, the chemical reaction will take place: 2SiO2 + SiC will be converted into 3sio + Co. and the evaporation of SiO2 will destroy the SiO2 protective layer. So 1627 ℃ is the highest working temperature of pink aluminium oxide.(80 grit aluminum oxide suppliers in china)

When brown aluminium oxide smelting in fixed furnace, operators should pay attention to carbon monoxide poisoning at any time. In case of severe poisoning, emergency search shall be carried out: remove the patient from the poisoning site immediately; place the patient in a place with fresh air and convective ventilation; keep quiet and keep warm; for the patient whose breath has stopped but the heart is still beating, artificial respiration shall be carried out; inform the relevant personnel of white aluminum oxide abrasive emergency treatment.

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