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80 Grit Aluminum Oxide Wholesale Price Pakistan

Bauxite sintered corundum is a kind of artificial brown aluminium oxide with high toughness, which has good economic effect when used for heavy load grinding. Bauxite sintered corundum has α - Al2O3 microcrystalline structure and high toughness. It can withstand great grinding pressure without fragmentation, and white fused aluminium oxide can cut thick metal layers. The cross feed can be as high as 6 mm.

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Bauxite sintered corundum has a wide range of adjustment, and it is easy to add various oxides, white fused alumina price which can improve many properties. The newly developed chemical hardening process will have a great influence on sintered corundum. The chemical hardening treatment is to immerse the material in a chemical flux that may be converted into oxide, and then sinter it at the porcelain temperature of the pink fused alumina material (usually below 900 ℃, or below 1350 ℃).

(80 grit aluminum oxide wholesale price pakistan)When this reaction occurs, the black aluminum oxide media volume of titanium sulfide increases significantly, and the specific gravity decreases accordingly. It is helpful for researchers to understand the influence of impurities on the properties of corundum to understand the change of titanium sulfide impurities in aluminium oxide grit suppliers, so that people have an expectation on the performance of corundum.

Bauxite sintered corundum is the only brown fused alumina not smelted in an electric furnace. Its production cost is low and its grinding range has been expanding recently. Titanium Sulphide is a common impurity in the production process of brown corundum. In the slag of oxysulfide, titanium oxide is in the ferroalloy as well as titanium carbide, calcium sulphide and titanium oxide, which exist in fused aluminium oxide and affect the performance of brown corundum.

(80 grit aluminum oxide wholesale price pakistan)When the pink aluminium oxide is heated in contact with the air, the titanium sulfide impurity in the brown corundum changes into rutile. When the temperature of the contact of the corundum reaches 900 ℃, the titanium sulfide will change into rutile, which is one of the reasons for the abnormal thermal expansion of the white aluminum oxide blast media in the range of 900 ℃.

The characteristic of brown aluminum oxide chemical hardening treatment is that the volume shrinkage can be less than 1%, and the wear resistance is higher than that of high temperature sintering. In the reflected light, the center part of these flake particles has a rose yellow color, while the edge part is light gray. This kind of aluminium oxide blasting nodule is formed by the oxidation of ferroalloy and the fusion of the edge and titanium sulfide during the calcination process. 

(80 grit aluminum oxide wholesale price pakistan)The shape of white aluminum oxide abrasive can be artificially made into a variety of cylindrical shapes, such as cylindrical, which is unique in all abrasive series.Titanium Sulphide also has oxidized iron alloy impurities in brown corundum to form nodules, but less with brown corundum to form nodules. In the industrial 180 grit aluminum oxide abrasive, titanium oxide exists as a separate particle, often covered with a layer of yellow rutile.

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