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80 Grit Aluminum Oxide Wholesale Suppliers Vietnam

Improving the quality of castings is a difficult problem facing every casting worker(aluminium oxide blasting). Even if it is reused and reused, it is rarely broken. It reduces the pollution of the production environment from dust in the casting production process. Defects, such as sand inclusions, pores, scars, rat tails, etc.(pink alumina grit), high refractoriness, are especially obvious in alloy steel casting. The sand is concentrated, and strong air permeability.

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Orb sand is a spherical artificial casting sand with high heat resistance(aluminium oxide grit suppliers), low thermal expansion, and spherical shape obtained by spraying high alumina raw material (bauxite) in a molten state and recrystallizing it. "Baozhu sand" has a variety of excellent properties, is suitable for various casting alloys and a variety of special casting processes(white fused alumina for precision casting), and the price is lower than that of sand and chromite sand.(80 grit aluminum oxide wholesale suppliers vietnam)

To increase the yield of castings, my country has already made very important independent innovations in this regard(brown fused alumina manufacturer). With many advantages such as high refractoriness, good fluidity, it completely solves the casting defects such as sand inclusion, pores, cell formation, and rat tail(brown fused alumina mesh size F12). Baozhu sand has the following advantages: Refractoriness, it is not only suitable for alkaline metals, but also suitable for acid metals.

(80 grit aluminum oxide wholesale suppliers vietnam)It has developed high-aluminum "treasure sand". Luoyang, Henan, is rich in high-bauxite resources(white aluminum oxide abrasive 220 grit). The school cooperated in the research and development of high-aluminum artificial sand, which is currently produced by Kailin Special Materials Company, Jin Die Casting Material Company, Baozhu Sand Casting Material Company and other enterprises(600 grit aluminum oxide powder). The original name of this product was "Baozhu Sand".

As we all know, the key to solving this type of problem lies in the choice of molding sand(1200 grit aluminum oxide). Traditionally, in order to reduce the cost of sand, people generally choose cheap quartz sand or magnesia olivine sand. Because this type of sand has problems such as low refractoriness(brown fused alumina mesh size F4), poor fluidity, and poor air permeability, a lot of casting will occur during the pouring process, therefore, the cost is saved by 6%.

It has good reproducibility, reduces industrial waste discharge, and is beneficial to environmental protection(aluminum oxide abrasive media). The sand will generate a large amount of dust in the subsequent sand treatment process, which makes the environment of the production workshop very harsh, the amount of waste sand increases(aluminum oxide anti-slip grit), my country, the effective sand decreases, the sand recycling rate is low, and the sand is not durable.(80 grit aluminum oxide wholesale suppliers vietnam)

There is no angle of repose for filling sand in the 50×200 tube cavity(brown fused aluminium oxide); a new type of sand for lost foam casting, which has been widely concerned by the international foundry community and is known as a new type of green product. Several major factors that will affect the quality of castings and the excellent properties of gemstone sand are as follows(brown aluminium oxide for refractory). Bead sand has good compactness and high strength.

(80 grit aluminum oxide wholesale suppliers vietnam)The settlement coefficient is small, which is suitable for complex cavity box parts, which can prevent sand filling deformation; the lateral sand filling performance is good(aluminum oxide 180 grit blast media). The refractoriness of Baozhu sand is comparable to that of chromite sand, and it has been widely used in the casting of original chromite sand(400 grit aluminum oxide powder). Baozhu sand is made of high-quality bauxite and melted by high-temperature electric furnace.

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