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80 Grit Aluminum Oxide

For the scope of the county to be cultivated land(80 grit aluminum oxide), a layer of 300 mm thick humus soil shall be evenly covered after leveling according to the design requirements, and the acceptance shall be carried out according to the acceptance standard for engineering reclamation before covering the humus soil layer. 

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It has good grinding performance and wide application range(alumina sand). Platform scales, baby carriages and automatic scales are usually used(80 grit aluminum oxide). Tasks: Undertake all operations in the 35kV step-down station. Strictly prevent the noise of pulling and closing the isolation knife with load(glass bead blasting media suppliers). Post personnel should strictly follow the relevant requirements of the "Safety Operation Guide" and "Job Responsibilities". 

If they need to cooperate with other personnel to operate, they need to make a safety notice before they can operate, to prevent the occurrence of the "three violations" phenomenon, and keep in mind the relevant requirements of the post(white aluminum oxide 80 grit). Different drying methods and control means, there are various forms of dryers(80 grit aluminum oxide). That is, screening from coarse to fine; Screening from fine to coarse(220 grit aluminum oxide blast media); Mix and screen. 

If the work is changed temporarily during the project resumption, it shall be arranged by the quality technology office(80 grit aluminum oxide). After the completion of mining preparation, the quality technology office shall organize to the stope for acceptance. Complete the approved ditch repair and drainage operation according to the design requirements(steel grid). Source of hazard, perform operations after confirming safety. 

Considering the land flatness, under the same conditions, the land with slope less than L5 ° is reclaimed as cultivated land (slope land), and the land with slope greater than L5 ° is reclaimed as forest land(aluminium oxide blasting); In terms of land quality, it is suggested that the agricultural land of grade 4 and below be restored to forest land, and the agricultural land of grade 3 and above be restored to cultivated land(80 grit aluminum oxide). 

The tailings pond is demobilized to normal land(aluminum oxide abrasive blasting grit). Define the acquisition plan arranged by the quality technology office and the acquisition work required in production operation. Level the area to be reclaimed as flat land according to the elevation required by the design, and make it slightly inclined to facilitate drainage(80 grit aluminum oxide). The slope land shall be reclaimed according to the design slope requirements. 

The agricultural ditch is planned to be rectangular and the clearance section is planned to be 0.6m (width) × 0.5m (deep), 0.3m thick side and 0.3m thick bottom(aluminum oxide grit blasting). In case of reserved facilities such as pipelines and electric poles during project reclamation, they must be avoided(80 grit aluminum oxide). Camphor shall be planted alone or in pairs according to the size of the site, and trees, shrubs or flowers shall be planted appropriately(70 grit aluminum oxide). 

Each water cellar is equipped with a grit chamber, and the empty size of the grit chamber is 1.5mx1.om × 1.0m long × W x H)(80 grit aluminum oxide). A production road with a width of 2m shall be built in the area reclaimed as cultivated land, and a cement concrete pavement with a thickness of l5cm shall be built(garnet sand). Level the land in the area reclaimed as cultivated land, build ridge every 10m, and dry build ridge with block stone. 

The ridge is planned to be trapezoidal and the specification is 0.4m (upper bottom) × 0.7m (lower bottom) × 1. 0m (height)(120 grit aluminum oxide). Ryegrass lawn or Kentucky bluegrass lawn shall be planted around industrial sites, buildings and open spaces(80 grit aluminum oxide). It is especially suitable for processing steels with high hardness and toughness, such as stainless steel, high vanadium high-speed steel and other refractory alloy steels.

An agricultural ditch is built in the area where the compound foundation is cultivated land(aluminum oxide abrasive media). When using an insulating rod to pull the isolating switch (knife alarm) or through the transmission mechanism to pull the isolating switch (knife valve) and circuit breaker (switch), you should wear insulating gloves(80 grit aluminum oxide). Batching and mixing is the process of weighing and mixing according to the specified formula(sponge media abrasive).

The reclamation area shall be covered with the original stripped topsoil or mature soil, with a coverage thickness of 0.5m for cultivated land, 0.3m for forest land, and 0.5m for the early ground coverage of tailings pond(80 grit aluminum oxide). Planting trees in forest land: planting Chinese fir, 200 trees per mu(46 grit aluminum oxide). If the resistance of the grounding grid does not meet the requirements, insulating boots should be worn on sunny days. 

Process principle: Reduce the 35kV voltage to 10kV and send it to the 10kV power distribution room on the production site(corundum sand). For the gentle site formed after the mining of the open-pit stope, if the soil contains more heavy metals, the heavy metal super enriched plants should be mixed first, such as Southeast Sedum (enriched zinc), Phytolacca (enriched manganese), butterfly clam grass (enriched arsenic), etc(80 grit aluminum oxide). 

When working at heights, a working platform must be set up to ensure safety(100 grit aluminum oxide). After planting for two years, the soil shall be tested and the content of metal and arsenic in the soil shall meet the standard before the land can be leveled for cultivation(180 grit aluminum oxide). Concrete mixers are mostly used for mixing equipment(80 grit aluminum oxide). Complete the ditch repair and drainage of the project reclamation according to the design requirements. 

Process flow: 35kV power distribution cabinet + transformer → 10kV power distribution cabinet → on-site power distribution room(80 grit aluminum oxide). When directly touching the annular rubber ring with your hands, it is easy to be squeezed and cause other injuries(aluminium oxide abrasive grit). Furnace resistance is actually the total resistance of four parallel circuits of furnace core, decomposed graphite layer, silicon carbide layer and charge resistance. 

The operation ticket is illegible and causes misoperation(aluminium oxide sand). Insufficient insulation protection can cause electric shock accidents. Switching operations are prohibited during lightning(80 grit aluminum oxide). Clean up the transformer oil leaking from the transformer. You must wear a seat belt when working at heights. When repairing the transformer, you must wear professional electrician gloves and use electrician tools correctly. 

Transformer oil leakage caused a fire(aluminium oxide sandblasting grit). Damage to the core causes an equipment accident(80 grit aluminum oxide). Cross-working, foreign objects fall into the transformer, causing object blows, falling from heights and other injuries(alumina grit). The operation ticket should be filled in with a fountain pen or a ballpoint pen, the font should be regular script, and the face of the ticket should be clear and tidy, and should not be arbitrarily altered.

When operating outdoor high-voltage equipment on rainy days, the insulating rods should have a rain cover, and insulating boots should be worn at the same time(80 grit aluminum oxide). The crushing mode of materials in the autogenous mill is mainly the impact force of material falling(aluminum oxide 80 90 grit). The cavities generally lead from the lower part of the furnace to the side and upper part, making the inner surface of the crystallizer uneven.

In the area that is reclaimed as arable land, the water passenger will be built every five acres on average(aluminum oxide sandblasting media). The water capacity is planned to be circular, with a capacity of 25m, a cellar radius of 2m, and a depth of 2.5m(80 grit aluminum oxide). Planting trees is used to restore vegetation to the land with a large slope after mining. The selected afforestation tree species are as follows: Choose dry wax gourd and Chinese fir for trees. 

The working principle of the transformer(green silicon carbide): A transformer is a device that transforms AC voltage, current and impedance(80 grit aluminum oxide). Solution: Adjust the power factor of each low-voltage power distribution room in time. The main equipment for this post is high and low voltage transformers(aluminum oxide blasting grit). After the completion of the project reclamation operation, the quality and technical office organizes to the site for acceptance. 

When an AC current is passed through the primary coil, an AC magnetic flux is generated in the iron core (or magnetic core), causing a voltage (or Current). The transformer is composed of an iron core (or magnetic core) and a coil. The coil has two or more windings(aluminum oxide abrasive powder). The winding connected to the power supply is called the primary winding, and the remaining windings are called the secondary winding(80 grit aluminum oxide). 

In the silicon carbide layer close to the furnace core, cavities sometimes appear(alumina abrasive). The main factors affecting the thickness of decomposed graphite are temperature, charge ratio and smelting time. The furnace core has large load, high temperature and thick decomposition layer(80 grit aluminum oxide). The best color of abrasive is blue black. Sulfur content, if the sulfur content in brown corundum is less than 0.05%, it will not hinder.

When the silicon carbide layer and decomposed graphite layer are formed, the shunt is generated(aluminium oxide blast media). The longer the smelting time is, the greater the shunt is(80 grit aluminum oxide). The shunt is the largest when the power transmission is terminated. Control the proportion of large materials in the feed(240 grit aluminum oxide blast media). When adopting the new material method, the silica required for the reaction between hydrogen and silica shall be considered. 

When smelting green silicon carbide, salt is added, which melts at high temperature to reduce the resistance at the end of the furnace(80 grit aluminum oxide). Therefore, ferroalloy with high silicon content not only makes abrasive magnetic separation difficult, but also it is difficult to remove magnetic substances by pickling(black silicon carbide). The resistance value shall be kept within a certain range, and the resistance of each section shall be the same.

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