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The eutectic grains produced by taking the graphite crystal core as the growth starting point are the eutectic clusters of gray cast iron(abrasive blast media suppliers saudi arabia). Foundries often need to control the number of eutectic clusters according to the technical requirements of castings. The number of eutectic clusters in gray cast iron is about 100-1000 / em. 

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With the increase of eutectic number, the tensile strength and flexural strength of gray cast iron increase, and the tendency of white cast iron decreases(aluminum oxide sandblasting abrasive). In order to improve the mechanical properties of cast iron, it is beneficial to appropriately increase the number of eutectic clusters(abrasive blast media suppliers saudi arabia). Shrinkage porosity is difficult to fully feed, which may lead to leakage of castings under pressure.

Many substrates that can become graphite crystal nuclei, such as oxides and sulfides, are usually suspended in the cast iron melt(aluminium oxide blast media). Once enough carbon atoms gather near these substrates, these carbon atoms may deposit on some substrates(abrasive blast media suppliers saudi arabia). When they reach a certain size and meet the stability requirements of thermodynamics, they may become the graphite crystal core(120 grit aluminum oxide). 

For example, crystallization under deep undercooling, reasonable inoculation treatment, close to eutectic carbon equivalent, avoiding overheat temperature of molten iron and high temperature holding time are effective process measures to improve the number of eutectic clusters(abrasive blast media suppliers saudi arabia). At a speed slightly higher than that of A-type graphite, the Starlite extends into the liquid phase with a certain degree of undercooling(1200 grit aluminum oxide).

One of the main characteristics of lamellar graphite eutectic growth is that graphite and austenite grow together at the same liquid-solid interface at the same growth rate(abrasive blast media suppliers saudi arabia). The two-phase growth rate is closely related to the interface undercooling(alumina abrasive powder). It can be said that the number of eutectic clusters can generally be increased if the number of graphite nuclei can be increased and the eutectic growth rate can be accelerated. 

Therefore, interface supercooling includes dynamic supercooling, component supercooling and supercooling caused by the change of interface stability(glass bead blasting media suppliers). According to the metallographic standard of gray cast iron in China's national standard (gb7216-87), the number and quantity grade of eutectic clusters shall be determined, and 70mm metallographic photos shall be taken in 10 or 40 times metallographic field(abrasive blast media suppliers saudi arabia).

The number of grade 4 eutectic clusters is about 520 / em0(aluminum oxide anti slip grit). As mentioned earlier, in the graphite austenite eutectic structure, graphite precipitates before austenite and has always been in a leading position in the growth space of eutectic structure(100 grit aluminum oxide). The liquid-solid interface of austenite is serrated(abrasive blast media suppliers saudi arabia). The nucleation of B-type graphite is at the middle temperature of the transition temperature range of graphite co products. 

This is controlled by interfacial reaction, which has the following relationship with graphite growth undercooling (at): parabolic relationship(steel grid). This is the micro interface morphology of eutectic structure under slow growth conditions. It is ahead of eutectic austenite and enters the liquid phase first before solidification interface(abrasive blast media suppliers saudi arabia). It continues to grow within the temperature range of Eutectic Transformation of stable system. 

The growth rate corresponding to the intersection of curve and Y curve is eutectic growth rate(120 grit aluminum oxide sandblasting media); The corresponding undercooling (ATC) is the undercooling of the synergistic growth of graphite and austenite(abrasive blast media suppliers saudi arabia). The figure shows the growing graphite austenite eutectic solidification interface(aluminum oxide sandblasting media). It can be seen that the graphite phase enters the liquid phase first, and the front end of the sheet is in direct contact with the liquid phase.

When the carbon concentration decreases, the melt on both sides also crystallizes and grows along the graphite growth direction(sponge media abrasive). With the change of growth conditions, the interface morphology will also change. In the process of Eutectic Transformation of stable system, the growth rate of graphite crystal in the forward direction of solidification interface is higher than that of eutectic austenite and becomes the leading phase(abrasive blast media suppliers saudi arabia). 

At the lower temperature of Eutectic Transformation, a large number of nuclei were produced, and the accompanying growth of graphite crystal and undercooled austenite began(garnet sand). In this process, the existing austenite dendrites in the liquid phase and the new dendrites in front of the interface due to component supercooling may be encountered(abrasive blast media suppliers saudi arabia). At this time, the forward direction of the growing graphite will change. 

As mentioned earlier, the carbon atoms in this liquid phase are diffused by volume, so that the graphite crystals are continuously supplemented and always stay ahead(alumina blasting). Count the number of eutectic clusters in the photos, and then confirm the actual number of eutectic clusters per unit area (PCs. / EM) and their grade according to the data listed in the eutectic cluster number classification table in gb7216-87(abrasive blast media suppliers saudi arabia).

These belong to type a graphite(black silicon carbide). If the alkali equivalent of cast iron is very low, the volume fraction of austenite is very high, the size of graphite is relatively small and the distribution is relatively uniform, and occasionally dendritic, directional, short and thick graphite crystals with separate crystalline core not associated with other graphite sheets may be produced(abrasive blast media suppliers saudi arabia).

At this temperature, the growth rate of graphite crystal will be reduced and normal A-type graphite with large size will be generated(aluminum oxide blasting abrasive). The growth of eutectic group must rely on the displacement of iron and carbon atoms in the melt before it is possible to form a new phase in the melt with similar chemical composition(abrasive blast media suppliers saudi arabia). The figure shows the metallography of gray cast iron with 130 eutectic clusters in lem. 

If it bends, it may eventually become spiral, hook, U-shaped (two-dimensional observation), or even ring graphite(abrasive blast media suppliers saudi arabia). Due to the rapid cooling rate, the initially formed graphite sheet is relatively small and branched more frequently. The undercooling of molten liquid is small and there is no divorced eutectic growth(green silicon carbide). Graphite will branch and grow in the liquid phase in an abnormal eutectic mode at a higher temperature.

At this time(aluminium oxide shot blasting grit), if the volume fraction of austenite in the eutectic group composed of such fine graphite is large (this is easy to happen during eutectic solidification of molten iron with low carbon equivalent), the heat emitted by eutectic transformation is enough to heat the melt around the eutectic group to a higher temperature within the Eutectic Transformation Temperature range, such as 1140-1149 ℃(abrasive blast media suppliers saudi arabia). 

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