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Abrasive Blast Media Wholesale Suppliers Switzerland

In 1930, the Soviet Union began to build the first domestic alumina company—Volkhov Alumina Plant(silicon carbide price). For the sustainable development of the company, the future development strategy of Rusal is: on the one hand, continue to increase energy input and gradually realize the self-sufficiency of energy for electrolytic aluminum production(steel shot abrasive); on the other hand, it is a comprehensive production and diversified business model.

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In order to meet the company's increased power demand to further reduce production costs(white corundum). A 60kA Soderberger electrolytic aluminum production line in Sundsvall, Sweden, was changed to 56 sets of Kaiser P-86 150kA end column busbars and point blanking pre-cultivation tanks in 1987(glass bead abrasive). Because of its abundant water power in Quebec and Columbia, Canada can compete with the United States and Europe in terms of primary aluminum production 10 years ago. 

(abrasive blast media wholesale suppliers switzerland)This technology can save energy, reduce emissions and increase production efficiency(green carborundum). In November 2007, Rusal reached an agreement with the government and private companies for the first time to jointly build the largest investment project in the global aluminum industry-the Boguchanskoye Energy and Metal Composite Project(glass beads supplier). This project will establish the prospects for the rapid development of the Russian electrolytic aluminum industry.

The project not only created considerable employment opportunities and tax revenue for the local area(white aluminum oxide), but also promoted the construction of local infrastructure such as railways and highways, as well as the development of local papermaking and iron ore mining industries(garnet abrasive price). The project also includes the construction of a 3000 MW hydropower station and electrolytic aluminum plant on the Angara River, with a total investment of approximately US$3.6 billion.(abrasive blast media wholesale suppliers switzerland)

Mainly Canada has abundant hydropower, so the aluminum industry is extremely developed(silicon carbide companies). In 2007, the annual consumption of industrial aluminum in Russia was about 1.1 million tons; in 2008, its annual consumption reached 1.22 million tons, an increase of 6.8%(fused alumina). The reason for its rapid growth is the rapid growth of Russia’s manufacturing and construction industries, which has led to the continuous increase in the demand for primary aluminum.

(abrasive blast media wholesale suppliers switzerland)Alcan and the Quebec government announced a joint investment of 550 million U.S. dollars to establish a pilot plant with an annual output of 60,000 tons in Joquel to test AP50 smelting technology(white fused alumina). Almost all Alcan's smelters in the Saguenay are powered by its own hydroelectric power plants. Most pre-compensation cells and Soderberg type electrolyzers were developed and designed by the VAMI Academy in St. Petersburg(black oxide aluminum).  This technology is not only used in the United States.

Due to energy supply, some of the original aluminum plants in the United States have been transferred to Canada for production(arc fused alumina). Therefore, the aluminum output in Canada has suddenly increased to more than 2 million tons, ranking third in the world. Australia is the world's largest country with aluminum resources(glass beads manufacturers). Its aluminum ore resources are rich and the grade of ore is high, which occupies an important position in the Australian mining economy.(abrasive blast media wholesale suppliers switzerland)

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