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Abrasive Grade Aluminum Oxide Manufacturers China

The template mentioned here mainly includes two meanings(silicon carbide price): At the same time, excessively deep corrosion processing, when reaching a certain depth, due to the concentration polarization and the deposition of corrosion residue, its corrosion behavior will also change(garnet abrasive). The impact of machining tolerances is also greater. When the side erosion rate is larger, the accuracy in the horizontal direction is obviously worse.

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However, this method has a large investment cost at a time, and the consistency of batch production graphics is good(brown aluminium oxide). It is the most suitable and quicker method for the etching of the enclosing text. The precision of screen printing graphics transfer is mainly affected by the screen material and printing plate production, ink, and screen printing technology(garnet suppliers). The accuracy problem is not a problem in another professional field of chemical etching.

(abrasive grade aluminum oxide manufacturers china)The template used for scribing graphics, the accuracy of this template is greatly affected by the cost of the template(arc fused alumina); the photographic film used for photography and silk screen graphic transfer, the photographic film can achieve high accuracy, especially for the transfer of photographic graphics To achieve almost the same graphics transfer accuracy as photographic film(glass beads supplier). Therefore, the pre-processing before chemical etching is very important.

Another method commonly used now-laser graphic engraving technology(brown aluminum oxide), its design document is a template, and its edge flatness is only affected by the accuracy of the laser engraving machine. Experiments have proved that when corroding an aluminum sheet, when the corrosion depth is within 0.3mm, as the corrosion progresses, the surface roughness gradually increases(glass bead blasting media suppliers). Regarding the horizontal size processing.(abrasive grade aluminum oxide manufacturers china)

Corrosion will proceed in the direction perpendicular to the surface of the part and parallel to the surface of the part under the anti-corrosion layer, and gradually penetrate into the material(silicon carbide companies). The issue of side erosion rate has been discussed earlier. The side corrosion rate is greatly affected by the type of material, the composition of the corrosive liquid, and the corrosion method(black oxide aluminum). The latter two can be met by agitating the etching solution.

(abrasive grade aluminum oxide manufacturers china)Therefore, in the process of corrosion processing(brown fused alumina), to ensure the accuracy of the corrosion level, the first thing to do is to determine the side corrosion rate through experiments, and to determine the precise size range of the graphic template. For aluminum alloy materials after annealing or solid solution heat treatment(steel grid), in order to obtain the best surface effect, chemical etching should be carried out after sufficient aging hardening.

After this value is exceeded, the surface roughness no longer increases and will remain until the corrosion process The end(green carborundum). Due to the influence of chemical etching in the horizontal direction, it is advisable to process grooves or protrusions with very precise dimensions. However, machining with a tolerance in the horizontal direction within the range of ±0.25mm~±0.5mm has been widely used(fused alumina), especially in the aircraft industry, missiles, ships and other special industries.

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