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In fact, the content of Al2O3 is 72%~78%, the density is 3.16(carborundum powder), which is between quartz and corundum, the expansion coefficient is small, the melting point is high, and the liquid phase begins to decompose at 1810℃, so it has high refractoriness and is an excellent Refractory materials for shells. Therefore, the naturally mined kaolinite raw material (refractory clay) refers to kaolinite with high refractoriness(white aluminium oxide powder). A thermal effect.

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For example, kaolinite containing Al2O3 and 46%(silicon carbide price), when the temperature rises from 1595°C to above 1700°C, the liquid phase grows faster because the liquidus line is relatively flat (increased to 72% at 1700°C). Mullite rarely appears in the form of natural minerals, and is usually produced artificially. Aluminum is in the center of the octahedron(glass beads supplier), surrounded by 6 hydrogen and oxygen (or oxygen) ions equidistant from it.(abrasive grade aluminum oxide manufacturers south africa)

Kaolinite, sillimanite and bauxite can all be used as raw materials for firing mullite(arc fused alumina). The content of mullite mainly depends on the content and form of Al2O3 in the raw material and the calcination temperature. When there is SiO2 in the raw material, as the Al2O3 content increases to a composition equivalent to the molecular formula 3Al2O3·2SiO2, the mullite content increases(carborundum grit suppliers). The shrinkage rate has increased dramatically on the shrinkage curve.

(abrasive grade aluminum oxide manufacturers south africa)This type of shell does not need to be filled with sand or boxed after being sintered, and can be poured directly(green carborundum), so it is often called a high-strength shell; in addition, this type of kaolinite refractory clay material can also be used for high-temperature calcined pellets and The powder replaces silica sand (powder) and is directly used for the preparation of coatings and sanding materials(aluminium oxide abrasive grit). The tetrahedron is composed of one silicon ion and four oxygen ions at equal distances.

Tested(fused alumina): The crystalline structure of kaolinite is a layer of aluminum-oxygen octahedron, connected with silicon-oxygen tetrahedron, the top of which points to the octahedron, and the junction is connected by an oxygen ion to form a unit crystal layer. The theoretical composition (mass fraction%) of pure kaolinite is white, the density is 2.6, and the melting temperature is 1750~1787. ℃(green silicon carbide powder). Therefore, kaolinite minerals exist in layers.(abrasive grade aluminum oxide manufacturers south africa)

Continue to increase the temperature, the shrinkage rate increases faster, and the clay begins to sinter(silicon carbide companies). Some basic properties of clay are related to its structure. Kaolinite will undergo a series of physical and chemical changes during the heating process, including dehydration, decomposition, compounding, recrystallization, etc.(alumina polishing powder); when kaolinite is heated to 100~200℃, it will first lose adsorbed water, and the differential thermal curve will appear first.

(abrasive grade aluminum oxide manufacturers south africa)The sintering temperature of clay mainly depends on the content of fusible impurities(black oxide aluminum), the dispersion of clay minerals and impurities, and the compactness of the clay structure, generally 1250~1410℃. At this temperature, the fusible minerals melt and the impurities interact with the silica and alumina in the clay, a liquid phase will be formed(white aluminum oxide grit). The first two minerals have the same molecular formula and theoretical composition as sillimanite.

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