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Abrasive Media Blasting Manufacturers South Africa

Before using the resin, the resin is pretreated(black silicon carbide). The dimensions of crimping and groove shall meet the requirements of process specification. After a certain time of diffusion, the atmosphere can be connected. In a vacuum state, the electrolyte will accelerate the rate of penetration into the core(garnet suppliers). At the same time, aging can also delete defective products. The dried core is put into the vacuum immersion tank for vacuumizing.

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The method is to take a weight of cation exchange resin and put it in a plastic container and rinse it repeatedly with tap water(white corundum). The assembly is to seal the core into the aluminum shell with a sealing rubber plug. There are manual assembly and automatic assembly(aluminum oxide sandblasting media). The assembly equipment has automatic assembly machine, especially for products with large diameter, which can automatically assemble the core, shell, sealing rubber stopper and plastic sleeve at one time.

(abrasive media blasting manufacturers south africa)In order to ensure the good sealing performance of the product and slow down the leakage of electrolyte from the core, the diameter D of the groove should be smaller and the width of the groove B should be wider as far as possible(corundum sand). No adverse phenomena such as inverted R angle, gap, rubber stopper protruding and rubber stopper brigade are allowed(black aluminum oxide 70 grit abrasive media). The aluminum shell shall not be scratched, crushed and damaged after assembly.

There should be no aluminum scraps after rolling, it is necessary to strictly prevent short circuit between aluminum shell and lead wire caused by aluminum chips rolled(white fused alumina). Generally, if the vacuum degree is less than 1333pa, the pre heated working electrolyte can be injected to make the core vacuum diffuse(garnet abrasive). The position of the groove should be 2 / 3 away from the top rubber sensor. The curling should be correct and the edge should be smooth.(abrasive media blasting manufacturers south africa)

Check the condition of groove crimping(green silicon carbide). If there is a gap, whether the rubber stopper is protruding, whether the aluminum shell is broken at the rolling groove, and whether the positive and negative polarity of the sleeve is reversed or deviated. Check the casing shrinkage(220 grit aluminum oxide). If the position is too high or too low, the correct position C size is exactly in the middle of the lead aluminum stem. It is not allowed that the groove is cracked or elliptical.

(abrasive media blasting manufacturers south africa)Aging, also known as recanalization, is to anodize the assembled products and repair the oxide film to restore their original good quality characteristics(white aluminum oxide). This is because the anode box used for capacitor is a core made by cutting the whole coil of the box and assembling the first package. After several processes mentioned above, the oxide film on the surface of anode box was damaged in varying degrees(aluminum oxide abrasive blasting grit). A typical sophistication curve.

The water in the core should be removed sufficiently(aluminum oxide grit). This kind of water refers to the water that the core absorbs impurities such as salt and dust in the air, which is harmful. It is better to assemble the core in one day to avoid the influence of moisture and harmful impurities in the air(brown corundum abrasive). The core should be re impregnated after two days. In addition, no oxide film on the edge of the cutting box must be repaired to minimize the leakage current.(abrasive media blasting manufacturers south africa)

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