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When the alumina content in the electrolyte is very low, bottle ion discharge will occur on the anode(alumina abrasive powder). The "effect coefficient" is defined as the number of times the anode effect occurs in a certain electrolytic cell per day (24h). Adding alumina to the electrolyte or blowing air to the bottom of the anode can extinguish the anode effect(aluminium oxide sandblasting grit). What is the effect of anode effect on aluminum electrolysis process? 

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In cryolite alumina molten salt electrolysis with carbon as anode, the anode effect has the following macroscopic manifestations: electron discharge occurs around the contact between anode and electrolyte, resulting in many small electric arc lights(aluminium oxide blasting). The cell voltage rises suddenly, increasing from a few volts to tens of volts(alumina abrasive powder). The increase is related to electrolyte composition, temperature and anode current density(aluminum oxide grit blasting).

Through a large number of practical measurements and thermodynamic and kinetic studies of the anode process, it is proved that with the carbon anode, oxygen ion discharge mainly occurs on the anode under normal conditions in the cryolite alumina molten salt system, and reacts with the carbon on the anode to form carbon dioxide(steel grid). However, there is still a lack of unified explanation for the mechanism of anode effect(alumina abrasive powder). 

When the anode effect occurs, the electrolyte stops boiling and splashes around the anode in the form of droplets(green silicon carbide). Although they do not damage the ozone layer of the atmosphere, they are strong greenhouse gases(alumina abrasive powder). The cell voltage rises and the anode effect occurs(aluminum oxide abrasive powder). Therefore, modern aluminum electrolysis production technology always strives to reduce the occurrence of the anode effect of the electrolysis cell.

When the anode effect occurs, carbon fluoride gas CF and CGF will be generated on the anode(120 grit aluminum oxide). It is proved that aluminum can be partially dissolved in cryolite melt. As a result, the composition of anode gas changes obviously, the volume fraction of CO rises sharply, reaching about 60%, the volume fraction of CO2 decreases to about 20%, and about 20% of CF fluorocarbon gas is generated(alumina abrasive powder). A series of adverse effects. 

Anode effect has both positive and negative effects on aluminum electrolysis production process(glass bead blasting media suppliers). The appearance of local anode effect is often the prelude to the appearance of the anode effect of the whole electrolytic cell. They enter the atmosphere, which has several positive effects(alumina abrasive powder): it is conducive to the separation of carbon slag in the electrolyte and the cleaning of carbon slag adhered to the anode surface(aluminium oxide sand).  

What is the mechanism of the anode effect? In the anode effect, the electrolyte melt and anode are heated, the temperature rises, and a large amount of chloride gas volatilizes(alumina abrasive powder). It is conducive to the precipitation at the bottom of the melting tank(aluminum oxide for sale); When the automatic monitoring and control ability is not perfect, whether the anode effect occurs as expected can indirectly reflect whether the operation of the electrolytic cell is normal.

The greenhouse effect of CF and CLF is 6500 times and 9200 times that of CO2 respectively, so they cause serious damage to the environment(garnet sand). To sum up, there are mainly the following theories: this theory believes that the anode effect occurs because the wettability of electrolyte to anode has changed. Before the anode effect of the whole electrolytic cell, the cell voltage has a slightly slow rising process(alumina abrasive powder). 

The anode effect will melt the crust of the tank side, and the protection of the tank lining will be impaired(80 grit aluminum oxide). Also, because the crust of the tank side is always formed by the electrolyte with a high molar ratio, its melting increases the electrolyte molar ratio, which brings about the operation of the electrolytic cell(alumina abrasive powder). Once the effect occurs, it must be extinguished as soon as possible to shorten the effect time as much as possible(70 grit aluminum oxide).

The anode effect increases the dissolution-oxidation loss of aluminum and reduces the current efficiency, especially when the anode effect is extinguished by blowing air or inserting a wooden rod(alumina abrasive powder). When the alumina content in the electrolyte is high, the electrolyte has good wettability to the anode, and the bubbles generated during the anode process are easily squeezed out of the anode surface by the electrolyte(100 grit aluminum oxide). 

The anode effect will increase the temperature of the electrolyte, which brings a series of side effects(alumina abrasive powder). First, when the anode effect is stopped, a large amount of electric energy is input, which not only causes a waste of energy, but also impacts the series of currents due to the high voltage during the effect, which affects the normal operation of the series of electrolyzers(black silicon carbide). It can be expressed by a simple reaction formula.

In particular, the temperature of the electrolyte near the bottom surface of the anode rises significantly, which greatly increases the volatilization loss of the salt(alumina abrasive powder). It can be seen that the negative impact of the anode effect on the production of aluminum electrolysis is greater than the positive impact(alumina abrasive), especially the modern aluminum electrolysis cell with complete automatic control means, its positive impact is almost meaningless. 

The occurrence of the anodic effect is related to the alumina content and current density in the electrolyte(alumina abrasive powder). In the pre-melted anode aluminum electrolytic cell, because the alumina content everywhere and the current density of each anode block are different, the anodic effect is often in the current density The local occurrence of larger anode carbon blocks or individual anode blocks is called local anode effect(aluminium oxide blast media).

Once the local anode effect occurs on the electrolytic cell, the resistance of the anode bubble increases here(alumina sand), which will increase the current density of other anode carbon blocks, and induce the anode effect of the anode carbon blocks with higher current density until the entire electrolytic cell has anodes. effect(alumina abrasive powder). The frequency of the occurrence of the anode effect is expressed by the "effect coefficient"(180 grit aluminum oxide). 

In order to better control the anode effect, it is necessary to understand the mechanism of the anode effect(alumina abrasive powder). When the aluminum oxide content decreases, the wettability of the electrolyte to the anode deteriorates, and the bubbles on the anode are not easily discharged, so small bubbles gather into large bubbles(aluminum oxide sandblasting media), and finally a gas film layer is formed on the bottom palm of the anode, resulting in an increase in resistance.

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