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Alumina Abrasive Wholesale Suppliers In Saudi Arabia

With the development of science and technology, the concept of aluminum oxide abrasive media has different meanings at different stages. Earlier concepts emphasized the use of abrasives, such as: abrasives are used for grinding, grinding, polishing and other work. Abrasive is a material used to grind or grind the surface of an object, such as sand, emery, silicon carbide. Abrasives are very hard materials used for 60 grit aluminum oxide grinding or grinding other materials.

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The transparent and brightly colored corundum is called gem. Later concepts added the shape of white corundum, such as: abrasive is a natural or artificial material with particle shape and cutting ability. In May 2000, China Standard Publishing House published the manual of mechanical engineering standards abrasive and abrasive volume, which completely and accurately defined the concept of alumina abrasive as: abrasive material that plays a cutting role in grinding, grinding and polishing.

(alumina abrasive wholesale suppliers in saudi arabia)Abrasive material that is manufactured manually into a specific particle size for grinding, polishing, and grinding tools that cut off material margins. Coarse abrasive 4-220. Free abrasive a abrasive that is ground or polished directly in a free state. In the following, we briefly describe the classification and production methods of corundum: corundum can be divided into natural corundum and artificial corundum. The black fused alumina is usually blue gray or yellow gray.

If there is trace chromium, it is red, it is called ruby, and the titanium containing corundum is blue. Its physical and white aluminum oxide chemical properties are more than 394% Al2O3, density is 3.65 ~ 4.05g/cm3, microhardness (HV) is 17640 ~ 24010mpa. The brown corundum or white fused alumina manufacturer is mainly used for abrasives, high-grade corundum refractories, etc. They can be used alone, made into grinding wheels or coated on paper or cloth.(alumina abrasive wholesale suppliers in saudi arabia)

It is mainly produced in India, Myanmar, Brazil, the United States and China's Hebei, Henan, Guangdong, Guangxi, Shandong, Xinjiang and other places. There are two kinds of artificial corundum: fused corundum and sintered corundum. Fused corundum includes pink alumina, white corundum, single crystal corundum, chrome corundum, microcrystalline corundum, zircon corundum, praseodymium neodymium corundum, vanadium corundum, etc.

(alumina abrasive wholesale suppliers in saudi arabia)The Al2O3 content of white fused alumina is more than 86%, the density is 3.75g/cm3, and the microhardness (HV) is 16660mpa. Natural corundum is mainly used for grinding materials, bearings, gemstones and decorative products. High alumina, anthracite and iron scraps or industrial alumina are used to melt, reduce and melt in an electric arc furnace, brown fused alumina manufacturer recrystallize or form industrial garnet suppliers by sintering at a high temperature above 1900 ℃.

Abrasive is mainly used for grinding applications. Most 100 grit aluminum oxide white abrasives are made into abrasive tools for grinding. Because of the high hardness and heat resistance of abrasive, the abrasive tools have excellent performance in processing speed, cutting depth and workpiece surface roughness. In addition, abrasive can also be directly used for grinding, such as glass bead blasting media suppliers grinding paste, sand blasting cutting, sand blasting cleaning, etc.

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