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First, when the impact crusher is running, open the inspection door to observe the situation in the crusher and carry out adjustment, cleaning, maintenance and other work, resulting in danger(alumina abrasive). When the mill is working, one roller is fixed on the base, and the other moving roller moves slightly on the base, all covered with roller surfaces made of special wear-resistant materials(aluminum oxide abrasive powder). 

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They are only used for fine grinding and polishing of workpiece surface finishing(alumina abrasive). This place is a very important place. Workers must be told to pay special attention to the content of iron and steel. Although invalid ingredients are harmless to product quality, they will increase power consumption and raw material consumption, and affect the stability of furnace conditions(120 grit aluminum oxide). Therefore, the less the better.

The color of brown corundum is usually brown and translucent, and the color of brown corundum with high aluminum content is relatively lighter, which is shiny brown.The particle size of brown corundum determines the application range(alumina abrasive). Therefore, the quality of brown corundum with slightly lower price on the market is different(aluminium oxide sandblasting grit). These Abrasives have the lowest hardness and soft and fine abrasive particles. 

Brown corundum is also the raw material for making refractory(green silicon carbide). When entering the crushing bin, the rotor was not stuck with a wooden pillow, resulting in injury(alumina abrasive). Control measures: when personnel enter the crushing bin, first clamp the rotor with wooden pillow(180 grit aluminum oxide). Understand the conditions of all equipment and pipelines in the operation area, and determine that the processes and equipment are ready for start-up. 

In the market of superhard materials and consolidated abrasives(alumina abrasive), Thailand has a large share of polishing and abrasive materials, and has high requirements for the accuracy of processed products, and its after-sales service is much higher than that of Vietnam(aluminium oxide blasting). When the screw shaft is lifted, the screw shaft should be hoisted with a wire rope to prevent the screw shaft from deforming under long-term load(aluminium oxide grit suppliers). 

When it vibrates, stop it in time to find out the cause, and properly tighten the anchor bolts to eliminate vibration to avoid damage to the anchor bolts(corundum sand). Check whether the fastening bolts of each part are loose, whether the bearing seat and screen box have appearance defects. Before startup, check whether there is enough grease at each lubrication point and whether the anchor bolts are loose(alumina abrasive). 

In addition, a specially assigned person shall be responsible for the replacement of the grinding wheel(sponge media abrasive). It is prohibited to replace or install the grinding wheel without permission(alumina abrasive). When the crusher was stopped for maintenance, the working power supply was not cut off(alumina sand). The thickened tailings are discharged into the tailings pond, and the overflow water from the thickener is returned to the process for use. 

After hearing the start-up warning signal bell, the operator shall keep a half arm distance from the control cabinet, gently press the "start" button with his fingers and start the crusher(aluminum oxide abrasive media). After hearing the start-up warning signal bell, the operator keeps a half arm distance from the control cabinet, and lightly presses the "start" button with his finger to start the linear screen(alumina abrasive). The screw shaft should be started with no load. 

The wear of the tool flank increases, the friction between the flank and the machined surface intensifies, and the plastic deformation increases, resulting in the enhancement of cold hardness(black silicon carbide). It is strictly forbidden to start with load. The particle size of brown corundum determines the price and performance(alumina abrasive). If it is too tight or too loose, or the wear is severe, the belt should be adjusted or replaced.

According to the lubrication standard table, refuel all parts of the equipment, and there must be no shortage of oil, and record it in the equipment refueling record book(aluminum oxide 80 90 grit). Check the abrasion of the guard plates on both sides, if they are severely worn, they should be replaced. Check the tightness and wear of the V-belt (or flat belt)(aluminum oxide suppliers usa). Chromium oxide, iron oxide, magnesium oxide, oxidation bowl, etc(alumina abrasive).

Before starting up, check whether there are potential safety hazards in the workplace, carry out daily spot inspection on the equipment, and start up after confirming that there is no abnormality(alumina abrasive). When the crusher is running, the operator must stand within the injection safety angle and pay attention to whether the old tiger mouth of ore feeding is blocked(aluminum oxide abrasive blasting grit). If any abnormality is found, report and deal with it immediately.

The chromium corundum block cooled and solidified after melting has a small porosity, so the key parts of the furnace body are built with chromium corundum, and the brick gaps are filled with chromium corundum powder and a binder(aluminium oxide sand). Noise injury control measures wear earplugs as required. Dust injury control measures wear masks as required(alumina abrasive). In case of any abnormality, report it to the police in time(refractory materials).

Control measures: shut down for maintenance and cut off the working power supply in time(alumina abrasive). For mixing drums with machinery and corresponding pipelines, truck climbing and discharging shall be arranged according to the length of power failure and manpower distribution(garnet sand). Brown corundum is added into the refractory in proportion, which can make the general refractory become high-grade refractory. 

When operating with the maintenance personnel, the maintenance personnel shall make safety notification before operation, eliminate the occurrence of "three violations", bear in mind the deep danger of the post, and carry out the operation when safety is confirmed(alumina abrasive). The post personnel shall operate in strict accordance with the relevant requirements of the safety operation instruction and post responsibilities(46 grit aluminum oxide).

The crushing process, like the selection of raw materials, is the key to the preparation of high-quality products, which has a direct impact on the properties of products(alumina abrasive). During the operation of the equipment, pay attention to check the temperature and sound of the motor, whether the material inlet and outlet hopper is unblocked, and whether the spring tensioning device of the transmission belt is intact(240 grit aluminum oxide blast media).

Silicon carbide is a super hard metal material, which is currently used in automobile clutches and carbon-ceramic brakes(steel grid). Check whether the nuts of the dynamic frequency and fixed jaw are loose and have abnormal noise(alumina abrasive). Start up and hand over the shift, do a good job in the sanitation of site equipment, carefully fill in the shift handover record, and hand over the shift with the successor at the post(aluminum oxide grit blasting). 

If it is necessary to install the rotor hammer, impact lining plate and box lining plate before starting, check whether there are cracks, cracks and other defects, and whether the lining plate screws are fastened. Before startup, open the inspection door to check whether there is material accumulation in the crushing bin to ensure its no-load startup(aluminum oxide blasting grit). If so, shut down the machine first and then fasten it with a sleeve(alumina abrasive).

During the operation of the equipment, the bearing temperature shall be checked frequently and tested with the back of hand(glass bead blasting media suppliers). It shall not be higher than 75 ℃, which is abnormal and must be shut down for oil injection(alumina abrasive). After hearing the start-up warning signal bell, the operator checks the equipment to ensure that it is normal, and then press the "allow start" button to return the start-up signal to the main control(aluminum oxide blast media canada).

After starting, the screw shaft can run smoothly before feeding(alumina abrasive). The feeding should be stopped before the machine is shut down, and the machine should be shut down after the materials in the tank are drained. After the impact crusher is started, observe whether the current is stable under no-load and whether the machine body vibrates(white aluminum oxide 80 grit). Check whether there are foreign objects or bulk materials in the tank. 

If there are foreign objects or bulk materials in the tank, they should be picked up before starting(alumina abrasive). Before handling equipment failures, notify the shift leader, after getting the permission of the main controller, disconnect the on-site power supply, and hang up the "equipment maintenance, no closing" warning sign, then equipment failures can be handled(alumina grit). Check the gap between the screen box and the fixed object.

Turn on the shift, do a good job of site hygiene, carefully fill in the shift record, and handover with the successor on the post(aluminium oxide blast media). Do a good job of shifting shifts and understand the operation of the equipment in the previous shift. Before operation, check the lubrication of the exciter(alumina abrasive). Check the tightness of all bolts, no bolts are allowed to be loose; after the maintenance, re-tighten all bolts after the first 8 hours of work.

The sieve should be started with no load(alumina abrasive). After starting, the sieve can run smoothly before feeding(aluminium oxide abrasive grit). During the operation of the equipment, always pay attention to whether the oil level of the vibrating screen bearing is below the specified oil level, whether the particle size of the ore under the screen exceeds the specified range, and whether there is a large amount of ore deposits at the bottom of the screen box(aluminium oxide blasting grit).

Pay attention to whether the vibration and sound are abnormal, whether the operation is balanced, and the maximum temperature of the bearing must not exceed the specified temperature(alumina abrasive). Check whether the screen is in good condition and the tension is proper(aluminum oxide sandblasting media). After being pulverized by a ball mill, brown corundum sand with a qualified fineness that meets the requirements of pellet production is obtained.

Turn on the shift, do a good job in the hygiene of the premises and equipment, carefully fill in the shift record, and transfer the shift with the successor on the post(alumina abrasive). The selection of machining method for the final process of the main working surface of the workpiece is very important(220 grit aluminum oxide blast media). After the grinding wheel works for a period of time, it shall be trimmed to restore the grinding performance and correct geometry. 

Due to the action of inertia, centrifugal force and frictional force, the grinding body makes the material adhering to the cylinder liner be taken away by the cylinder(100 grit aluminum oxide). At the same ambient temperature, low relative humidity is conducive to the development of the strength of corundum-spinel ultra-low cement castables(alumina abrasive). Do a good job in shift handover and understand the equipment operation of the previous shift(70 grit aluminum oxide).

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