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In the process of operation, not wearing glasses will cause hot metal to damage eyes(alumina blasting). During operation, tempering is caused by misoperation or error(alumina abrasive). The post personnel shall operate in strict accordance with the relevant requirements of the safe operation instruction and post responsibilities, and take measures to prevent accidental collision with the live high-voltage equipment. 

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If they need to cooperate with other personnel, they shall be informed of safety before operation, so as to eliminate the phenomenon of "three violations", keep in mind the hazard sources of their post, and operate under the condition of confirming safety(alumina blasting). When chiseling, shoveling workpieces and cleaning burrs, iron filings fly out and hurt people because they don't wear protective glasses(alumina sand). Noise damage. 

Control measures: wear earplugs as required(green silicon carbide). Dust injury. Control measures: wear masks as required. Burn injury. Control measures: wear labor protection articles as required(alumina blasting). Operation standard: ensure that the cut workpiece meets the weldment or use requirements. The high-speed cutting oxygen flow is ejected to make the metal that has reached the ignition point burn fiercely in the oxygen flow(aluminium oxide sand). Slag blowing. 

Later, lift the electrode to keep a certain gap between the electrode and the weldment, maintain the stability of the arc, melt the metal of the welding spot, and complete the welding process(alumina blasting). The oxide generated by metal combustion is blown away by oxygen flow to form a notch to separate the metal and complete the cutting process(aluminium oxide blasting). The oxygen cutting process has the following three stages: preheating. 

Working principle(aluminum oxide abrasive media): use the heat energy of gas flame to preheat the cutting part of the workpiece to a certain temperature, spray high-speed cutting oxygen flow, make it burn and release heat to realize cutting, which is called gas cutting(alumina blasting). When working in the equipment, the equipment suddenly runs, causing mechanical injury(70 grit aluminum oxide). Fingers are not allowed to extend to the anastomotic surface or dangerous places.

At the beginning of gas making, use gas flame (oxyacetylene flame and oxypropane flame) to preheat the part to be cut to the ignition point of this metal material (about 1100-1150 ℃ for low carbon steel)(black silicon carbide). Quality and technical standards: ensure that the cut workpiece is within the required specifications and dimensions(alumina blasting). The main equipment of this post is oxygen acetylene cylinder, cutting torque and gas pipe(corundum sand). 

Then, before the pneumatic operation, the sundries and rust on the object surface must be cleaned to keep the object surface clean(alumina blasting). Burning. Before use, confirm whether the gas pipe and cutting torch are intact, whether the gas cylinder leaks, and whether the barometer is intact(120 grit aluminum oxide). During the gas making operation, the oxygen cylinder and acetylene cylinder must be kept 5m away and 10m away from the cutting point.

When the high and low voltage are erected on the same pole and working on the low-voltage live line, check the distance from the high-voltage line first(alumina blasting); When insulation measures are not taken for low-voltage live wires, workers shall not cross(180 grit aluminum oxide); When working on live low-voltage distribution devices, insulation and isolation measures to prevent phase to phase short circuit and single-phase grounding shall be taken. 

When working in the equipment, the equipment suddenly runs, causing mechanical injury(100 grit aluminum oxide). Before gas cutting operation, clean the site environment to ensure that there are no inflammables and explosives within 10m of the operation point, and the operation site should be equipped with fire extinguishers or fire prevention facilities(alumina blasting). Job tasks: undertake the maintenance of all equipment used in the mining area(aluminium oxide sandblasting grit).

The calibration tool must be equipped with a fixed hand ring or lifting ring(alumina blasting). When two or more people scrape the same workpiece at the same time, pay attention to the direction of the scraper. Gas masks and gas masks should be provided in the control rooms of power plants and substations(garnet sand). Post personnel should strictly follow the relevant requirements of the "Safety Operation Guide" and "Job Responsibilities". 

In addition to aluminum, there are lithium (Li), sodium (Na), potassium (K), gallium (Rb), absolute (Cs), be (Be), magnesium (Mg), calcium (Ca), aluminum (Sr) More than a dozen metals such as barium (Ba) and titanium (Ti) are light metals(alumina blasting). The slope of the ladder should be 60°, and a special person should be set up for supervision(aluminum oxide sandblasting media). The middle of the herringbone ladder should be pulled by a strong rope. 

If they need to cooperate with other personnel to operate, they need to make a safety notice before they can operate, to prevent the occurrence of the "three violations" phenomenon, and keep in mind the relevant requirements of the post(steel grid). Source of hazard, perform operations after confirming safety(alumina blasting). For live equipment, dry powder fire extinguishers, carbon dioxide fire extinguishers, etc. should be used to extinguish fires(aluminum oxide blasting grit). 

Ladders must be used to climb the height to have anti-skid measures(alumina blasting). When chiseling, shoveling workpieces and cleaning burrs, it is strictly forbidden to work against others. Wear protective glasses to prevent iron filings from flying out and hurting people(aluminum oxide abrasive powder). Silicon (Si) is a semiconductor, or semi-metal, and in terms of its density (2.34g/cm at room temperature), it also belongs to the category of light metals. 

Mechanical damage(alumina blasting). Control measures: use labor protection products as required(aluminum oxide grit blasting). When working at height, the protection measures are not in place to cause a high altitude fall. Noise damage. Control measures: Wear earplugs as required. Dust damage. Control measures: Wear masks as required. Injury yourself or others by mistake when using the scraper(aluminium oxide blast media). Power off the equipment when servicing the equipment.

At present, there are 107 kinds of elements that have been discovered in the world(alumina blasting). According to a series of physical and chemical properties such as electrical conductivity, they are divided into metals and non-metals. Aluminum (Al) is a metal element. Metal elements can be divided into ferrous metals and non-ferrous metals according to their natural luster(80 grit aluminum oxide). Aluminum is a non-ferrous metal with silver-white luster.

During the auxiliary grinding operation, the scraped workpiece must be stable and must not move(alumina blasting). Aluminum has a density of 2.69/cm at 20°C, which is a light metal. Foam fire extinguishers should not be used to extinguish fires. Foam fire extinguishers or dry sand should be used for fuel injection equipment(glass bead blasting media suppliers). It should be used according to regulations and tested regularly to keep it in good condition.

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