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Alumina Grit Manufacturers In China

Batching and mixing is the silicon carbide abrasive process of weighing and mixing according to the specified formula. Usually used platform scale, scale, automatic scale. Mixing equipment mostly uses concrete mixer. The forced concrete mixer has the advantages of even mixing, high productivity, good airtightness, not easy to raise dust, easy to realize automatic control, long service life and white aluminum oxide abrasive 220 grit good reliability. Suitable for large, medium and small furnaces.

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Drum concrete mixer is cheap, reliable, high productivity and long service life, but it can't be sealed, dust is big and green silicon carbide material is not even. It's not recommended. The specifications of the forced concrete mixer are shown in table 2-6-2. There are two kinds of mixer, 375 L and 1500 L, which can be selected according to the white aluminum oxide blast media production capacity. Mixing time: generally, the net mixing time of furnace bottom baking method is 1min, and that of new method is 2.5min.

(alumina grit manufacturers in china)The mixing blade of the mixer shall be kept in good condition, the wear condition shall be checked frequently, and the brown aluminum oxide problems found shall be repaired in time. Water shall be added to the raw materials properly to keep certain water content in the mixture, so as to avoid carbon shortage in the proportion caused by dust during transportation. Sandblasting is the process of using high pressure air as power to spray white alumina powder abrasive to the surface of workpiece.

Different process requirements and different abrasives are selected. Under the condition that brown corundum has been selected, it is generally acceptable to use 18-24 objectives for treatment. If roughness is required, select large point number, and if flatness is required, select small-sized brown corundum. After being dehydrated, the fused aluminium oxide micro powder slurry still contains 18-30% moisture, which needs to be dried and dried.

(alumina grit manufacturers in china)When drying, the powder is put into the brown fused alumina, enamel basin and other containers and sent to the dryer. In the drying process, it is necessary to prevent the size of each particle from mixing with each other. If the drying room is arranged in layers up and down, it should be placed in the order of aluminum oxide grit fine size on the top and coarse size on the bottom. There are different drying methods and control methods.

The equipment is: intermittent chamber dryer, continuous tunnel drier (car type), chain dryer, rotary table, push plate type and spray dryer (airflow type). In the production of black silicon carbide micropowder, chamber dryer is often used, and the heat source is mainly convection hot air or electric drying. When convection hot air is used for drying, the tray with pink fused alumina materials is placed on the bracket, and the hot air flows in the room to dry the green body and take away the moisture.

(alumina grit manufacturers in china)The drying temperature is generally 80-250 ℃. Sandblasting is white corundum shot blasting. There are various types of dryers. The features of this kind of dry operation equipment are that the dry bath operation is intermittent, with high heat consumption, uneven drying, poor working conditions and high labor intensity, but the aluminum oxide abrasive equipment is relatively simple, and the drying system is changed in Rongchang.

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