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Further laboratory wear test is a wear test under laboratory conditions and simulated service conditions(alumina grit). This test cycle is short and the cost is low. It can repeatedly carry out wear test on a large number of samples or parts. The factors affecting the test are easy to control and select(alumina sand). The capacitive profiler has a complicated structure and poor stability, so it is rarely used now. 

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The test data has strong reproducibility, comparability and regularity, and is easy to analyze and compare(white aluminum oxide 180 grit). However, attention must be paid to the simulation of this kind of test, otherwise the application of test data is poor. Laboratory wear test can generally be divided into sample test and bench test(alumina grit). Therefore, this method has low cost and short cycle(aluminium oxide sand). Surface profilers are mechanical, optical and electric. 

The data obtained from the wear test under service conditions have good authenticity and reliability(aluminium oxide sandblasting grit). It is the main method of wear test in the early stage. Now it is sometimes used in factories and mines. However, this kind of test has a long cycle, needs to invest a lot of manpower and material resources, and the cost is high(alumina grit). Special tools, instruments and techniques are required for wear testing during operation.

It is widely used to study the friction and wear process, wear mechanism and co influencing factors of friction pairs of different materials, as well as the selection of wear-resistant materials, processes and lubricants(alumina grit). The reproducibility and comparability of wear data are poor(aluminum oxide 80 90 grit). Because the test results are the comprehensive influence of multiple factors, it is not easy to carry out single factor investigation. 

However, special attention must be paid to the difference between the sample and the real object, and the simulation of test conditions and working conditions, otherwise the application of test data is poor(steel grid). It is carried out on the corresponding special bench testing machine(alumina grit). The measurement is rapid, convenient and easy to measure automatically, but it can not directly reflect the surface profile(240 grit aluminum oxide blast media). 

For example, the air with a certain pressure passes through the smell gap between the measuring nozzle and the micro unevenness of the measured surface, and the air flow and pressure change due to the size of the barrier are used to evaluate the surface gloss, sliding or exciting bearing wear testing machine(alumina grit). Including lubricant type, quantity, lubrication conditions and oil supply mode(120 grit aluminum oxide). Type, property, particle size, sharpness, etc.

At the same time(aluminum oxide abrasive media), the different forms of sliding, ballasting or composite friction formed by the movement of the sample have an impact on the lubrication state and grasping characteristics(alumina grit). When the thickness changes, the wear generally changes, the deformation speed and contact zone temperature of the friction material also change, and even change the wear form and lubrication state(garnet sand). 

According to the test and requirements of foreign countries, the wear testing machine can be divided into ticking wear testing machine, fast flow wear to test flow, high or low temperature(aluminum oxide abrasive powder), high or low speed, constant speed wear testing machine, vacuum wear testing machine, stick slip wear testing machine, adhesive lubrication and wear testing machine, guide rail low friction wear testing machine(alumina grit).

The bench test is carried out under simulating actual use conditions(alumina grit). The actual operating conditions of the machine are not fixed, dynamic pressure or static pressure auxiliary testing machine, gear fatigue wear testing machine, to dynamic friction wear testing machine, erosion wear testing machine, corrosion wear testing machine, fretting wear testing machine, gas Corrosion test equipment, etc(100 grit aluminum oxide). 

Generally, the principle of determining the test conditions is to simulate the actual wear condition(alumina grit). As shown in the table, the filling type line contact wear can not only be used for sliding, but also for other forms of movement such as movement or filling(white aluminum oxide 80 grit). The inductive profile has only stable performance and high precision, while the piezoelectric profiler has a simple structure and is easy to use. 

The stylus moves along the surface of the part, and magnifies and depicts the surface contour condition or indicates the relevant parameters of the surface topography through mechanical and electronic methods(silicon carbide grit). The method of surface measurement and its resolution are shown in the table(alumina grit). The friction parts to be studied are made into samples and tested on a special friction and wear testing machine(aluminum oxide abrasive blasting grit).

Based on the sample test, it selects materials that can basically meet the requirements of friction and wear performance, and makes friction parts with the same or similar size as the actual structure(alumina grit). Some new methods are also used to measure surface topography(aluminum oxide grit blasting). Any one of the test friction rewards can be selected from spherical, cylindrical, disk-shaped, ring-shaped, flat block-shaped or other shape samples.

Due to the development of laser technology, people are studying the use of laser gold photography to measure surface topography(aluminium oxide blasting). Using the combination of profiler and computer image processing, the three-dimensional topography of the worn surface can also be obtained. Among them, the electric profiler is the most widely used(green silicon carbide). The contact forms are point contact, line contact, and surface contact(alumina grit). 

To determine the contact area, the conductivity of the material and the number of contact points must be known(aluminium oxide blast media). Its advantages are small size, light weight, rapid measurement, high magnification, and available digital display(alumina grit). This test is closer to the actual Use conditions, shorten the test cycle, and can strictly control the test conditions to improve the dispersion of data and increase reliability. 

The method of contacting the contact brush with the copper ring is used to determine the number of contact points when sliding(corundum sand). Repeat several times on all friction surfaces to get roughly the total number of contact points. Because the contact resistance is affected by the surface film and pollution, the results obtained by this method are not accurate enough, and other methods must be used to verify(alumina grit). 

It has two meanings: one is to make the laboratory test conditions basically close to the actual use conditions of the machine parts(glass bead blasting media suppliers); the other is to make the wear form obtained in the laboratory wear test consistent with the wear form under the use conditions(46 grit aluminum oxide). The chemical composition, structure, mechanical properties of the test material surface and the roughness of the sample surface(alumina grit).

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