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Alumina Polishing Powder Wholesale Suppliers Belgium

However, there is still a big gap between China and foreign countries in terms of furnace tonnage, equipment level, raw material composition(steel grid). The technology of refining outside the furnace and continuous key casting has been developed to form the modern steelmaking system(black oxide aluminum). The distance between the working face of the furnace top and the effective furnace bottom is only more than one meter.

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The construction methods include on-site ramming, on-site pouring and hoisting of prefabricated components(white fused alumina); Therefore, we should adopt advanced technology and equipment as soon as possible, strengthen enterprise management. At home and abroad, no matter the old plant is rebuilt or rebuilt(glass beads supplier), the vast majority of steelmaking smelting furnaces use oxygen converter, sometimes also use electric furnace.

At present, there are about 550 oxygen converters in the world, with a maximum volume of 410 tons and a steelmaking capacity of 520 million tons(garnet abrasive). This shows that with the large-scale of the blast furnace, the operating conditions are more and more severe, and the service life of the blast furnace decreases from about 10 years to 5-7 years, improve labor productivity and increase economic benefits(green carborundum).

In a word, the development of steelmaking smelting furnace and its auxiliary equipment is very rapid(white aluminum oxide), the volume of furnace is expanding, the level of automation is changing with each passing day. The top of the furnace is difficult to be built with refractory bricks(alumina grit), and the use of amorphous refractory materials meets the requirements of furnace building, and has strong integrity and high service life.

China's iron and steel industry develops rapidly(garnet suppliers). In 1982, the steel output was 37 million tons. The furnace structure is closely read, generally made into composite furnace lining, transform old factories and build new ones appropriately, which can save refractories and steel(silicon carbide companies), the service life of furnace is gradually extended, refractory quality varieties and smelting process operation, the production is significantly improved.

At the same time, the flame directly burns steel, which has high thermal efficiency and can save energy(white corundum). The production practice shows that the walking beam furnace and flat flame burner furnace have obvious economic benefits, and they have been widely promoted and applied at home and abroad, In the second stage(arc fused alumina), which is an important development direction in the future, and the economic benefit is increasing.

With the demand of large-scale heating furnace and energy saving(silicon carbide price), the furnace building materials have also changed greatly, which can be roughly divided into three stages: in the first stage, clay bricks and high aluminum bricks are mainly used to build the heating furnace(synthetic corundum price); since the mid-1960s, the smelting strength increases, the amorphous refractory materials have been widely used in the heating furnace.

In the third stage, since the late 1970s(glass bead blasting media suppliers), around the energy saving of heating furnace, refractory fiber and various light refractories are widely used for furnace building, some of which can be directly used, but its service life needs to be further improved. The proportion of open hearth steel and converter steel was basically the same(fused alumina), accounting for 37% of the total steel output, and that of electric furnace steel was about 24%.

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