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Aluminium Oxide 36 Grit Manufacturers In China

After the floor surface becomes matte, rough grinding is carried out by using a drive-type sander. The white fused alumina wear-resistant material is embedded in the concrete protective layer by its own weight. Adjust the angle of the wiper before grinding to avoid damage Floor. High and low spans, such as roots, column edges, and structural edges, 220 grit aluminum oxide which cannot be polished mechanically, are manually polished.

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Mechanical grinders should be crisscrossed. After the white aluminum oxide construction of the floor was completed, the measured flatness was controlled within 3 mm, and the abrasion-resistant aggregate of emery and concrete was firmly combined, and the surface layer was free from peeling, hemp, and sanding. Before the formwork is laid, it is guided to the alumina abrasive working surface according to the vertical elevation, and the elevation and flatness of the formwork are strictly controlled. 

After 24 hours of maintenance of the white corundum floor, after the floor strength is greater than 1.2 MPa, one layer of plastic, one layer of geotextile and nine plywood with a thickness of 18 mm are laid for protection.After the laying is completed, the upper shelf can be erected and vertical Lashing of steel bars. When the structural formwork and steel pipes are removed, they should be manually transmitted to the floor, and it is forbidden to drop from a high place to damage the aluminum oxide abrasive media flooring.

Remove floor protection boards after finishing the interior decoration and electromechanical installation. The aluminum oxide blasting abrasive ground floor formed in the same layer at the same time uses the same batch of corundum wear-resistant material to ensure the same color and luster; spreading should be carried out in two times to ensure uniform spreading; after construction, compacted and coarsely ground with a double disc grinder, the aluminum oxide 40 grit flooring is maintained with a liquid curing agent.

When the floor reinforcement is bound, the height of the upper and lower floors of the alumina grit floor reinforcement is controlled by S-shaped horse stools, and it is set in the floor protection layer. 20 # square steel, strictly control the concrete elevation, after the concrete is poured, the laser leveler is used for paving and leveling, aluminum oxide 220 grit abrasive which greatly improves the flatness of the concrete floor. Within 12 hours after the completion of the abrasion-resistant hardened floor, the surface was coated with a curing agent to cure it. 

A single disc grinder is used for fine grinding. Optimize the synthetic corundum price concrete grading, strictly control the concrete water-cement ratio and the amount of fly ash; when the concrete is poured, remove the scum on the concrete surface in time. One-time corundum flooring has the advantages of eliminating floor screeds, reducing corundum abrasive structural loads, increasing design net height, reducing costs, good abrasion resistance, and large compressive strength. The weight of the whole machine is about 320 kg. 

Strictly control the distribution time of aluminum oxide abrasive blasting grit wear-resistant materials to avoid spreading too early or too late, which will cause the wear-resistant materials to be embedded in the concrete too deeply or not to be combined with the concrete surface layer. The amount of corundum wear-resistant material is 5 kg / m2, which is spread in 2 times, and finely ground with a blade grinder to ensure that the black aluminum oxide media is firmly bonded to the concrete surface.

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