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Aluminium Oxide 36 Grit Manufacturers Poland

The relationship between 760um brown aluminium oxide particle content and crushing time is shown in the figure. Some data show that if the alumina is finely milled by wet grinding with metal ball, if the alumina reaches a high degree of dispersion, the amount of iron milled in is higher, which is 0.3% ~ 0.5% calculated according to Fe2O3, the brown fused alumina oxide ball is discharged into the roller, and some data are also increased to 0.98% ~ 1.4%. 

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In this way, the glass beads manufacturers process is complicated and the cost is increased. Sintered corundum can not be prepared with this kind of ground material. If this kind of material is used, it must be pickled and then washed with water for many times. Generally, silica balls are not used as 100 grit aluminum oxide white, and some SiO2 impurities will be grinded into the materials. Silica balls and silica linings are allowed only when clay or SiO2 containing materials are added.

(aluminium oxide 36 grit manufacturers poland)The best way is to use corundum ceramic lining, garnet abrasive price and wet grinding. Special attention shall be paid to the fact that it is not allowed to add the non finely ground industrial alumina to the ground materials, otherwise the non finely ground industrial alumina will greatly improve the porosity of sintered white fused alumina manufacturer clinker. The porosity of clinker sintered at 1750 ℃ will be increased to 16% ~ 17% by adding 20% of commercial alumina.

In this way, not only the fineness of brown fused alumina material grinding, but also the uniform distribution of additives and particles are ensured, which lays a foundation for obtaining dense and uniform sintered corundum. In addition, when 2.5% polyvinyl alcohol solution (4% ~ 10%) is added as binder and mixed in a sand mixer for 15 ~ 25min, the moisture content of the slurry is 3% ~ 8%. Generally, the moisture content of brown fused aluminum oxide suppliers slurry from a-Al2O3 to ral2o3 is (18 ± 1)%.(aluminium oxide 36 grit manufacturers poland)

In order to facilitate the crushing of glass bead abrasive clinker, the thickness of the green body should not be too large, generally 20-30mm. The mixing equipment of each manufacturer is different, including wet mill, double shaft mixer, high-speed convection mixer, etc. are uniformly added into the continuous vibration mill, and the slurry after vibration grinding is fully stirred in the slurry tank, white fused alumina suppliers and then screened, iron absorbed and pressure filtered.

(aluminium oxide 36 grit manufacturers poland)That is to say, after the brown aluminum oxide ball is made into a disc and a ball is formed as mentioned above, and the ball is allowed to roll for a period of time to further compact the ball and improve the strength and density of the ball. In one-step production, water, liquid grinding aids, dense additives, industrial alumina, etc. Fine powder, white fused alumina price add 1% 1.5% (dry weight) of sulfite pulp waste liquid or 6% ~ 8% of 1.5% methylcellulose solution, or a mixture of the two.

If corundum ceramic is used as the inner lining, steel shot abrasive is used as the grinding medium, and the production process of wet fine grinding is adopted, it can be considered that both grinding and mixing can be realized in the mill, and the mud produced by grinding can be directly formed. The brown fused aluminium oxide materials with wet fine grinding can be formed by stainless steel vacuum mud extruder, and the vacuum degree is not more than 0.095mpa.(aluminium oxide 36 grit manufacturers poland)

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