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Aluminium Oxide 36 Grit Wholesale Suppliers In China

As aluminum oxide abrasive materials are rich in raw materials and easy to supply, they can be used in the production process of traditional refractories to produce corundum refractories, or in the production of special refractories, i.e. high-temperature ceramics, which are derived from fused aluminium oxide traditional ceramics. In high frequency, high voltage and high temperature, its insulation is still excellent. In addition, its loss is not large, and its dielectric constant is not large. 

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Corundum refractory products, especially special corundum refractory products, i.e. high temperature ceramics, silicon carbide companies are produced not only in refractory industry, but also in building materials, electronics, chemical industry, machinery and other industries. Corundum refractories belong to high quality and high efficiency products. The developed countries seek for high-purity raw materials, among which high-purity black aluminum oxide 70 grit abrasive media raw materials are one of the key products.

(aluminium oxide 36 grit wholesale suppliers in china)due to its high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, high strength and other green carborundum properties, it is used as a steel pouring sliding nozzle, a crucible and vessel for smelting rare and precious metals, special alloys, high-purity metals, glass wire drawing, and laser glass; various high-temperature furnaces, such as pink fused alumina refractories, internal linings (walls and tubes) of ceramic iron smelting furnaces; physical and chemical vessels, spark plugs, heat-resistant and anti-oxidation coatings.

Low silicon sintered corundum brick with SiO2 less than 0.5% is the special lining of silicon carbide price, boron chemical industry, chemical fertilizer, as the mechanical parts, various abrasives, such as wire drawing die, polar pencil core die mouth, etc.; synthetic ammonia reaction furnace and gasifier. Al2O3 is an ionic crystal with stable structure. It is widely used in the electronic chrome corundum industry for solid integrated circuit substrate tube base, shell, porcelain frame, microwave window, etc.(aluminium oxide 36 grit wholesale suppliers in china)

Due to the characteristics of high hardness, good wear resistance and brown aluminium oxide high strength, it is used as the components of various reaction vessels, pipes and chemical pumps in the chemical system; as the cutting tools, abrasives, bullet proof materials, human joints, sealing grinding rings, etc. Because of its high temperature insulation, it is used as the glass beads supplier sheathing and protection tubes of thermocouples, insulating ceramics, and other high temperature insulation components.

(aluminium oxide 36 grit wholesale suppliers in china)brown aluminum oxide products have good air tightness, even in high temperature, so they are widely used in the electric air, such as the use of corundum to make a variety of large-scale electronic shell, solid microcircuit in-line package shell. After more than half a century of development and production, the black oxide aluminum technology is becoming more and more mature, and the varieties are increasing, becoming an application model The most widely used refractories are:

Corundum thermal insulation materials, such as corundum light brick, brown fused alumina hollow ball and fiber products, are widely used in the walls and roofs of various high-temperature kilns, which are both heat-resistant and thermal insulation. Transparent corundum products can be used to make lamps and microwave fairings. In addition, Na - β - Al2O3 products are the medium aluminum oxide grit materials for manufacturing sodium sulfur batteries.(aluminium oxide 36 grit wholesale suppliers in china)

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