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Aluminium Oxide 36 Grit Wholesale Suppliers Malaysia

Under the same conditions, water has the lowest strength as a wetting agent, and is generally used when the wet and dry strength of the blank is good, such as brown aluminium oxide grinding steel ball grinding wheels. Dextrin solution used in silicon carbide abrasive and black synthetic corundum with water glass as a wetting agent will "foam" hardness points and finer than F150 particle size.

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When used, the modulus of water glass is (2.15 ~ 2.96), and the density is slightly greater than or equal to 1.4. Water glass has a large fluxing effect, corundum sand which can significantly reduce the fire resistance of the bonding agent and improve the hardness and strength of the pink aluminium oxide tool. Some special-shaped and thin-walled abrasive bodies with softer hardness and more binders containing infertile raw materials have low strength.(aluminium oxide 36 grit wholesale suppliers malaysia)

When formulating aluminum oxide sandblasting media tools, we must try to solve them. Commonly used solutions are: 0.5% ~ 2.0 % Dextrin powder. For example, the wet strength can be increased by 32% and the dry strength can be increased by 14% compared with the non-dextrin powder. Adding aluminium oxide sandblasting fine powder to the molding material of boron-containing glass will cause the molding material to agglomerate, so the material should not be left for too long.

(aluminium oxide 36 grit wholesale suppliers malaysia)The strength of the black aluminum oxide abrasive 70 grit body is inversely proportional to the porosity of the body, increasing the molding density of the bad body, reducing the porosity, increasing the strength of the body, and increasing the hardness of the abrasive article. For the porosity of the finished aluminum oxide for sand blaster product, the amount of the added binder is large, a pore-forming agent (such as refined naphthalene) can be added to the molding material.

Water glass is generally used as a wetting agent for brown fused alumina. Increase the mixing time. If the mixing time is too short, the abrasive and the binder are mixed unevenly, reducing the strength of the green body and the uniformity of the hardness of the high purity fused aluminum oxide. Factors affecting the amount of wetting agent. Test method for the amount of wetting agent added. There are manual tests and instrumental determination.(aluminium oxide 36 grit wholesale suppliers malaysia)

With the same particle size, the amount of black aluminum oxide 70 grit abrasive media humectant is greater than that of silicon carbide; for the same abrasive, the finer the particle size and the larger the surface area, the more wetting agent is added than the coarse particle size. The plasticity of the binder is large, and the amount of the wetting agent is large. Therefore, the formulation of the aluminium oxide abrasive grit article needs to be adjusted accordingly. 

(aluminium oxide 36 grit wholesale suppliers malaysia)The manual test method is to add a certain humectant according to brown aluminum oxide production experience, and then mix it into a ball with your hand. The humidity feels good. Too wet will stick hands, when adding 1.2% dextrin powder, too dry and low strength can not form a mass. The black alumina instrument is used to measure the wetness and dry strength of the green body after the wetting agent is added. The wet and dry strength of the green body is the most suitable.

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