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The so-called pre-kiln processing of the brown fused aluminum oxide suppliers abrasive tool is to mechanically process the green body before the baking process. To obtain a body of approximate finished shape and size. Because the strength of the dried body is much smaller than that after firing, the pre-kiln processing can improve production efficiency, save brown aluminum oxide 250 grit raw materials, and improve the quality of the grinding tool. 

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Avoid cracking of the body. Generally, complex shapes, 100 grit aluminum oxide white special-shaped grinding wheels, whetstones, small-sized whetstones, non-standard abrasive tools, and water-casting abrasive tools all require pre-kiln processing. Roasting is one of the key processes that determines the quality of ceramic abrasive tools. Generally before a certain temperature, the tensile strength of the abrasive tool increases with the increase of the white fused aluminium oxide firing temperature.

(aluminium oxide abrasive grit manufacturers taiwan)Due to the decomposition of the brown fused alumina oxide above salts. In order to formulate a reasonable abrasive burn-in process, it is necessary to have a deep understanding of the types and laws of physical and chemical changes that occur when the green body is fired. brown fused alumina suppliers are used as an example to illustrate the changes in various stages during melting. The main task at this stage is to remove the residual moisture after drying.

With the removal of water, the solid particles are closely disturbed, and a small amount of brown fused alumina shrinkage will occur. When the temperature rises above 120 ° C, strong vaporization occurs inside the body (eg, 1 g of water is completely vaporized to produce 1.79 cm). Clay and other minerals, such as ferric hydroxide, remove structured water at different temperatures, such as: brown fused alumina 60 grit after removing crystal water, the binder is looser and the heating rate is slower.

(aluminium oxide abrasive grit manufacturers taiwan)Such as: polycrystalline transformation of wholesale brown fused alumina quartz and the formation of a small amount of liquid phase. Β-quartz was transformed into a-quartz at 573 ° C, with a 0.82% increase in volume. The dextrin in the binder is coked at about 400 ° C, and the sodium silicate is melted at about 700 ° C. Make the body more loose and reduce the strength, so this stage is a dangerous stage, and the aluminium oxide grit suppliers heating rate should be slowed down.

During the heating process, the brown aluminum oxide temperature around the grinding wheel is high, the temperature rises quickly, and the inside is low. In this way, the periphery is squeezed and the inside is stretched, which easily causes cracks in the aperture. The main task is: the above-mentioned decomposition and oxidation reaction continues, the solid phase dissolves, forms a liquid phase and forms a new crystalline phase and brown fused alumina factory grows.(aluminium oxide abrasive grit manufacturers taiwan)

The ternary minimum eutectic point of feldspar, quartz, and kaolinite on the phase diagram is 985 ° C. Due to the white aluminum oxide abrasive presence of impurities, the liquid phase appearance temperature will be lower. The abrasive body is roasted at high temperature, the binder is vitrified or porcelainized, and a series of physical and chemical changes occur with the abrasive to make the abrasive reach the required strength, hardness and other white fused alumina oxide mfg properties.

(aluminium oxide abrasive grit manufacturers taiwan)The linear expansion coefficient of the grinding tool changes with temperature during brown aluminium oxide firing. Fluctuation of firing temperature does not fluctuate much about the hardness value of the abrasive. During the grinding process, the change of mechanical strength is related to the performance of the bonding agent, the heating rate, the corundum white holding time and the cooling rate. The sulfides, sulfates, carbonates and organics in the binder decompose and oxidize.

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