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Aluminium Oxide Abrasive Grit Manufacturers USA

White corundum has considerable hardness and certain toughness. It is processed into particles with different size range and uniform particle shape through granulation, with high temperature stability and chemical stability. It is suitable for manufacturing ceramics, resin bonded abrasives, grinding, polishing, sandblasting, precision casting (special glass beads manufacturers for precision casting), etc.

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It can also be used for manufacturing high-grade refractories, white corundum powder( W63-w0.5) can be used as the first choice for polishing. Because of its excellent performance, white corundum is favored by users in various industries. When it is used, there will be waste products, especially the waste problem after using black silicon carbide for workpiece processing, which has become a major problem for enterprises.(aluminium oxide abrasive grit manufacturers usa)

When silicon carbide abrasive is used, there will be garnet abrasive price precipitation. Of course, there will be other sundries on the workpiece. If the two want to be combined, the cleaning difficulty will be further increased. What simple and feasible way can we deal with it? As white corundum has good acid and alkali resistance and high temperature resistance, and its main cost is alumina, high concentration hydrochloric acid can be used to clean up the waste.

(aluminium oxide abrasive grit manufacturerusa)Now the high-pressure cleaning machine can also achieve good cleaning effect. Try to deal with the green silicon carbide waste before it settles. Through the function of circulation pump or agitation device, white corundum waste will not be immediately deposited. Taking advantage of this opportunity, it will be relatively easy to deal with. It should also be noted that the glass bead abrasive hardness is high, the particles are dense, and the roundness of single particles is good.

The color is pure white and free of impurities, ensuring the color and transparency of wear-resistant layer or paper. The particle size distribution is uniform and centralized, the single particle shape is consistent, and the maximum wear-resistant effect can be achieved with the least amount. It is made of high-quality brown fused alumina which has been smelted at a high temperature of more than 2000 degrees. It is made of fine materials.(aluminium oxide abrasive grit manufacturerusa)

Its chemical property is stable, does not react with steel grid acid and alkali, and its thermal shrinkage is very small. White corundum (white corundum sand, white corundum powder) overview: white, harder and brittle than brown corundum, strong cutting force, good chemical stability, good insulation. What are the advantages of white corundum when it is mainly used for sand blasting? Why is brown aluminum oxide mostly used for sand blasting of processing parts?

(aluminium oxide abrasive grit manufacturerusa)It does not affect the original color of processing parts. The color is pure white. When using other black aluminum oxide abrasive 70 grit sand, it is easy to cause black and discoloration of the workpiece, which seriously affects the appearance and is not easy to eliminate. White corundum is the best abrasive for sand blasting if there is no residual iron powder in the process of processing parts. black alumina powder is very suitable for wet sand blasting, grinding and polishing.

White corundum is hard and brittle compared with aluminum oxide blasting abrasive, which not only has strong cutting force, but also has good chemical stability. Therefore, it has fast processing speed, high efficiency and high quality. The iron oxide content of white corundum is very high Low, suitable for sand blasting operation with iron residue prohibited.(aluminium oxide abrasive grit manufacturerusa)

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