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Aluminium Oxide Abrasive Grit Suppliers Brazil

The electric arc furnace is used for smelting 100 grit aluminum oxide white, because the corundum made from alumina must be carried out at a very high temperature. The electric arc furnace is an electric heating device that is easy to generate high temperature and is simple and economical. Today, large overload capacity; electric furnace transformers, three-phase electric arc furnaces are used for smelting corundum abrasive.

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Three electrodes are arranged along three vertices of an equilateral triangle. The white fused alumina electric arc furnace is composed of electrical equipment and mechanical equipment. Electric furnace electrical equipment includes power distribution devices, and secondary short networks. The brown fused alumina oxide main high-voltage insulators, switches, power failure protection devices and signals, measuring instruments, and electric furnace transformers are the main electrical equipment of electric furnaces.

(aluminium oxide abrasive grit suppliers brazil)Its role is to transform the high voltage delivered by the white aluminum oxide power plant into low voltage and high current output power and power supply furnaces. In order to meet the needs of smelting, converts electrical energy into thermal energy, it is also required that the transformer can be regulated according to the brown fused alumina 60 grit process requirements. Short net refers to the general term for various conductors between the low-voltage side outgoing end of the transformer and the electrode.

Transformer selection principle: It can adjust the voltage with load (on-load), and the white corundum shape and structure is reasonable, which is beneficial to shorten the length of the short network and reduce the connection; less loss itself; convenient and economical operation management; wholesale brown fused alumina small volume. In order to reduce the skin effect, the bus bar of the short mesh should be as long as possible, and the ratio of height to thickness should be 20: 1.(aluminium oxide abrasive grit suppliers brazil)

The large current output from the brown fused aluminium oxide electric furnace transformer is sent to the furnace through the short network, which generates an electric arc, and melts the furnace charge. When the liquid is discharged from the furnace, the high temperature melt is poured into the receiving bag, so the receiving bag must not only bear the impact of the white aluminum oxide abrasive high temperature melt, but also have the ability to resist the corrosion of the iron alloy solution. 

(aluminium oxide abrasive grit suppliers brazil)Due to the large current flowing through the short grid during smelting, white fused alumina price such a large current not only causes a large power loss on the short grid conductor, but also forms a strong magnetic field around the short grid, which will also cause power in the surrounding steel components. Loss, the white fused aluminium oxide electric furnace transformer with a larger capacity has six or more heads, so the power factor of the electric arc furnace has a greater impact.

In order to save power, the brown fused aluminum oxide suppliers short-grid layout should be closely coordinated with the design of the furnace transformer and the furnace body to avoid "weak phase" and "strong phase" power transfer caused by uneven mutual inductance and reduce productivity. In order to reduce the brown aluminum oxide 250 grit inductive reactance and ensure the three-phase balance, and the short-grid arrangement adopts the same phase reciprocating staggered arrangement.(aluminium oxide abrasive grit suppliers brazil)

The trough was welded with steel plates to make a truncated cone, and brown fused alumina oxide graphite tiles were laid on it. The thickness of the steel plate of the outlet tank is about half that of the steel plate of the furnace shell. When the liquid is discharged, the furnace body should be inclined to the side of the liquid discharge tank by 90 °. The brown fused alumina suppliers furnace dumping mechanism can be divided into two types: electromechanical or hydraulic transmission.

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