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Its advantage is that the firing system is flexible and suitable for firing of various refractory products(brown fused alumina). Therefore, the inverted kiln is only suitable for firing special products and small batch production. The inverted flame kiln is composed of the kiln chamber and the combustion chamber evenly distributed on the kiln wall(synthetic corundum). According to its production, it can be divided into primary clay and secondary clay.

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The volume of inverted flame kiln is generally not more than 300m(brown aluminum oxide). According to the shape of the kiln, it can be divided into two types: round type and rectangular type. The structure of circular kiln is more complex, and more special bricks are used on the top, but the temperature of kiln chamber is more uniform, and the energy consumption is lower(emery abrasive); the rectangular kiln uses less special bricks, occupies less land.

For the ball arch, the kiln chamber and combustion chamber are fixed by several hoops and metal framework(brown aluminium oxide). The dense roof of rectangular kiln is simple arch, and the chamber and combustion chamber are fixed by metal framework. In order to transport the bricks, some kilns for firing large-scale products adopt the movable hanging vault(garnet abrasive). The combustion chamber is generally built with high alumina brick or clay blast furnace brick.

The refractory materials for masonry kiln shall be determined according to the service conditions(silicon carbide abrasive); the bottom, wall and top of the inverted flame kiln for firing clay bricks shall be built with high-quality clay bricks. There are 5 kinds of reverse flame kilns designed in China, including 30, 50, 100, 150 and 270m, as well as experimental kilns with a volume of less than 10m(garnet suppliers), and is mostly used to build smaller volume kiln.

The height from the kiln bottom to the vault is generally not more than 4.5m(green silicon carbide). The diameter of the circular kiln and the width of the rectangular kiln are determined according to the quantity of bricks, the uniformity of the flame distribution from the combustion chamber and the stability of the kiln arch structure(steel grid). Generally, the diameter is not more than 10 m and the width is not more than 6 m. Shuttle kiln is a kind of reverse flame kiln with car bottom.

The structure of kiln body is basically the same as that of rectangular reverse flame kiln(black silicon carbide). The burners are installed on the wall of kiln, and one or two layers of burners are set at the height of apparent density. It is characterized by plasticity of fine powder in wet state and hardening after drying(glass bead blasting media suppliers). The structure of combustion chamber is different according to different fuels (such as bituminous coal, gas, natural gas or heavy oil).

The kiln chamber is divided into two types: round and rectangular, which are composed of kiln bottom, kiln wall and kiln top(aluminum oxide abrasive). Clay used as refractory material is called refractory clay, and its fire resistance is required to be higher than 1580C. China's refractory plants generally use hard clay calcined into clay clinker as raw materials(corundum white). Primary clay refers to kaolinite and other hydrous silicate minerals, quartz, etc. formed by feldspar after weathering.

Secondary clay is a kind of clay which is moved from primary clay to other places and re deposited under natural dynamic conditions(aluminum oxide grit). Clay is usually divided into soft clay and hard clay according to its plasticity. Soft clay, or strong plasticity clay, plasticity index is more than 2.5(white aluminum oxide abrasive 220 grit). This kind of clay is mostly secondary clay, because of its fine particles, large dispersion, so plasticity. Hard clay, or weak plasticity clay, plasticity index is less than 1.

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